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Truck accident kills 1, injures 3 after truck was hit from behind

Accidents involving large trucks can be more devastating than those involving smaller vehicles due to their size, weight and force. While a truck accident can happen due to the negligence of the truck driver, it is important to remember that a truck driver is also susceptible to injury due to the negligence of another party. Recently, a truck accident on Highway 45 near South Fulton appears to demonstrate just that.

Childhood SSI Claims and Attending and Completing Tasks

     Parents applying for childhood SSI benefits for their child are often confused by how the Social Security Administration evaluates and decides the claim. If a child does not meet a "Listing", one must assess the claimant's functioning in terms of six domains: (1) acquiring and using information; (2) attending and completing tasks; (3) interacting and relating with others; (4) moving about and manipulating objects; (5) caring for yourself; and (6) health and physical well-being to see whether there is extreme or marked limitations.

Accident on I-75 in Tennessee causes personal injury to 3

Any car accident can be devastating, but accidents involving multiple vehicles can be even more so due to the number of vehicles and individuals who may be affected. One recent accident on Interstate 75 in Tennessee is an unfortunate example of just how injurious such accidents can be. According to reports, at least three individuals have suffered personal injury in this accident.

Tragic Knoxville accident kills 1, causes personal injury to 3

Three people are injured and one has died in a recent Knoxville car accident. According to Tennessee Highway Patrol officials, a car and pickup truck collided, causing the serious personal injury. It is reported that the car was traveling northbound on Lovell Road when it collided with the pickup truck heading southbound. Initial reports did not indicate which vehicle crossed the line and caused the accident.

Childhood SSI and Domain of Acquiring and Using Information

     Parents applying for childhood SSI benefits for their child are often confused by how the Social Security Administration evaluates and decides the claim.  This blog entry will be the first part of a series talking about "domains of functioning." A child has to have an impairment or combination of impairments that meets or equals an impairment listed in the regulations.  If an impairment does not "meet" a listed impairment, disability may be established if the child's impairment is medically or functionally equivalent.

EEOICPA Allows Solvent Exposed Workers Recovery for Hearing Loss

     Hearing loss can be compensable under Part E of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) if such loss arises as a result of exposure to one or more of the organic solvents listed below in conjunction with employment in at least one of certain specified labor categories during a prescribed timeframe.

Tennessee workers' compensation example in out-of-state accident

Tennessee workers face a myriad of situations and circumstances that can be potentially dangerous. While many people see the inherent dangers of working sites with heavy machinery, moving parts or chemicals, even ordinary jobs can prove dangerous or fatal. Thankfully, Tennessee has workers' compensation laws in place to protect the victims of a devastating workplace accident and their families.

Personal injury insurance required for Tennessee pet owners?

Tennessee dog owners are likely aware of the controversy surrounding many breeds of dogs which are purportedly dangerous. A surge in reports of dog attacks resulting in personal injury has sparked Tennessee legislators to propose amendments to the Tennessee Code regarding "dangerous and vicious dogs." According to reports, the proposed legislation may specifically target breeds such as pit bulls and certain terrier breeds.

Social Security Disability and SSI Wait Times Increasing

     There is bad news for Social Security Disability or SSI claimants in that the average processing times for hearings have increased and are likely to continue increasing due to the federal budgetary cuts known as "sequestration."

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