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May 2017 Archives

Worker faces uncertain future after insurer rescinds comp policy

A worker who was harmed while on a trip to Tennessee could be left out in the cold after a decision about workers' compensation payments. The man, who injured his back while he was lifting a truck latch in 2009, is the subject of a workers' compensation dispute in which in an insurer rescinded a company's policy even after a claim was filed. Official reports show that the company in question may have misled the insurer about the nature of its workers' activities, leading the policy to be retracted.

Truck driver gets award for safety, but he's in the minority

Many people outside the trucking industry may not realize that truck drivers are recognized by commercial and government agencies if they have an excellent driving record. One Midwestern man has driven for millions of miles without a truck accident, and he was awarded the Owner Operator of the Year award from the Truckload Carriers Association. The man, who has driven through Tennessee and, presumably, most other states in the nation, has driven for 2.3 million miles accident-free.

Driver dead, others injured in distracted driving car wreck

A car crash at the intersection of U.S. 245 and Sowell Hollow Road on April 29 left one person dead and three others injured. The fatal car wreck happened at about 5 p.m., when two vehicles collided head-on at the intersection. Official reports show that one of the drivers was likely driving while distracted, which contributed to the severity of the crash.

Can children qualify for disability benefits?

Children are a source of infinite joy and infinite worry. Parents experience a new level of emotions when they welcome children into the world. In some situations, these little loved ones may develop a serious illness or suffer a catastrophic injury. In some cases, these children may qualify for benefits through Social Security.

Why a dog that bites once is likely to cause more personal injury

Pet owners have a responsibility to prevent their animals from harming others. Still, too many pet owners refuse to acknowledge that their animal could cause personal injury in Tennessee. The consequences of this negligence can be dire - consider the New Jersey woman who was recently attacked by her neighbor's dog. The woman suffered disfiguring injuries to her face and injured her back during the attack, which happened while she was pet-sitting her neighbor's German shepherd chow-chow mix. The result? An $850,000 settlement for medical expenses.

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