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How often can a truck accident be blamed on greediness?

In the United States, freight is mainly transported by trucks. It comes as no surprise that trucks make up 4.7 percent of all passenger vehicles. Shockingly, 12.4 percent of all fatal crashes involve trucks. In a truck accident, the people in the other vehicle stand very little chance. Statistics document that the majority of fatalities in truck accidents are the people in a car involved in the accident, not the truck.

Tennessee mother killed in truck accident

A 54-year-old Tennessee mother and grandmother died after been hit by a garbage truck at 9.30 a.m. on a recent Friday morning. It is reported that the driver of the garbage truck stopped at a red traffic light. When the light changed to green, he turned right at the intersection.  At this point, the victim was busy crossing the road and was in the crosswalk when the truck hit her. The truck driver was put on administrative leave without pay after the truck accident and will not be allowed to drive a city vehicle until the city physician has cleared him.

Pregnant woman suffers critical injuries in truck accident

A Tennessee accident on a recent Tuesday evening during the last week of January did not only leave one woman critically injured, it also killed her unborn child.  The father of the baby has been left devastated by the truck accident. Not only does he have to deal with the loss of his unborn child, but his mother was also fatally injured in the crash.

Does the kind of animal influence claims due to bite injuries?

When it comes to injuries suffered due to animal bites, many questions come to mind. One question is if the animal type influences the victim’s right to claim for injuries suffered. Animal bite victims in Tennessee considering filing claims after suffering bite injuries may find that the animal type may play a role.

Lawsuit follows truck accident that allegedly killed young mother

Following up on our blog post about a tragic truck accident on Aug. 14 (Truck accident kills 18-year-old, injures infant), a federal lawsuit was recently filed by the mother of the 18-year-old woman who lost her life in the Tennessee accident. The driver of the tractor-trailer, along with the owner of the vehicle were named as defendants in the lawsuit. The plaintiff accuses the defendants of negligence in performing a left-hand turn that was illegal, and thereby causing the truck accident that led to the death of the young mother of an infant.

Tennessee teen dies tragically in a truck accident

During the second week of June, a teenager died tragically after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. The Tennessee truck accident happened shortly after 11 o’clock in front of a truck stop along Highway 46. Although all fatal accidents are tragic, when the victim is so very young it seems so much worse.

Car accidents cause more than physical pain in Tennessee

There are many reasons why car accidents occur on Tennessee roadways. Weather and road conditions, negligence, speeding and medical concerns are only a few of the common factors involved in many car accidents. One recent accident involving three vehicles may have involved one or more of these factors. So far, officials believe that one of the drivers lost consciousness during the accident, but they are unsure of why.

Tennessee 3 car crash attributable to driver negligence

A male driver in his 20s, another in his 60s, and a female driver who recently entered her 70s were involved in a 3 car collision recently. The initial evidence suggests that driver negligence played a central role in the crash. The younger driver escaped injury, while the other two were transported to separate Tennessee medical centers.

Possible driver negligence in recent Tennessee accident

A Tennessee state official was recently involved in a car accident that claimed the life of a young child. According to reports, the 44-year-old assistant commissioner in the state's Department of Commerce and Insurance was headed west on Interstate 40 when his vehicle rear ended another one that had stopped due to an accident on the roadway. The investigation is still ongoing as officials work to determine if driver negligence played a part in the accident.

Driver negligence may have led to fatal church bus crash

Driving involves a certain degree of risk, and not all accidents are preventable. In an update to a story we brought you on Oct. 5, recent developments may help one Tennessee community that continues to grieve the loss of two members. Police now believe that driver negligence may have led to the fatal crash, and charges have been issued in the matter.

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