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Posts tagged "driver negligence"

Driver negligence due to distracted driving in the spotlight

It is against Tennessee law to text while driving. The enacting of the law purely proves what everyone knows – texting while driving is looking for trouble. Distracted driving is in the spotlight during the month of April across the United States because driver negligence kills or injures. Only a few seconds of distraction can cause dire consequences.               

Focus on distracted driving resulting in driver negligence

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. A campaign called "U Drive. U Text. U Pay." has been announced by the U.S. Transportation Secretary. In Tennessee and other jurisdictions enforcement efforts will focus on drivers who are using mobile devices while driving. The need for the campaign to address driver negligence, such as texting while driving, is an attempt to curb accidents caused by distracted driving.

Was a flying part due to driver negligence in Tennessee crash?

A tragic accident occurred on the interstate. The accident has claimed the life of a 77-year-old woman. The unusual incident unfolded when part of an SUV broke through the window of the vehicle she was a passenger in. Tennessee authorities have not filed any criminal charges for driver negligence, however, one of the drivers has been cited.

Tennessee driver negligence: Fatal wrong-way crash

A woman who volunteered at an autism community center has died following a fatal crash caused by a wrong-way driver. It appears that driver negligence may well have played a role in the deadly car crash. Unfortunately, however, Tennessee Police officials have still been unable to locate the whereabouts of the person responsible.

Fatal Tennessee accident possibly a result of driver negligence

Driver's education programs attempt to teach new drivers how to be safe on the road and avoid accidents. Unfortunately, there are times when conditions change so quickly that there is not time to react, and possibly no reaction that would be able to avoid an accident. These accidents, frequently caused by driver negligence, can often lead to serious injury or death. For example, the family of a young Tennessee woman is coping with her death today after a fatal crash took her life.

Tennessee driver negligence may have caused fatal crash

Numerous instances of serious injuries or death are a result of driver negligence. Generally, driver negligence in Tennessee is even more catastrophic when a vehicle is hit by a semi-truck. In an unusual but deadly incident, four people lost their lives after the driver of a semi-truck hit a cow and lost control over the vehicle.

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