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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Higher speed limits causing more US traffic deaths

Higher speed limits are causing more people in Tennessee and across the U.S. to die in traffic accidents, according to a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. In fact, researchers found that rising speed limits have led to the deaths of an extra 37,000 people over the last 25 years.

Parents are concerned about distracted driving among teenagers

Tennessee parents are concerned about instilling good habits in their teenage drivers. Young people are more likely to be distracted or lose focus more often while driving than older adults. Researchers are interested in helping both teens and parents to have an open dialogue about the importance of being a good driver and passenger.

In 2017, red-light running crash deaths saw 10-year high

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that an increasing number of people are dying in crashes due to drivers who run red lights. In 2017, there were 939 such deaths, marking a 10-year high. AAA found that in 65% of these crashes, it's not the offending driver who dies but the innocent victim. Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists in Tennessee and across the U.S. are at risk for becoming the victims of red-light runners, so they should know how to protect themselves.

NSC estimates over 40,000 traffic deaths in 2018

The National Safety Council has come out with its preliminary estimate on car crash injuries and fatalities in 2018, and the conclusions are not heartening. It turns out that 2018 is the third year in a row to see more than 40,000 traffic deaths. Tennessee residents should know that though 2018 saw 1% fewer deaths than 2016 and 2017, the number still represents a 14% increase from 2015.

Rear seat offers little protection in car accidents

Some Tennessee residents may believe that sitting in the backseat of a vehicle offers certain protections. Unfortunately, a new study has revealed that this is not the case. A study done by researchers at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that sitting in the backseat can be more dangerous than the front seat due to a lack of safety technology in this area.

Study suggests seat belts protect men better than women

Seat belts save thousands of lives in Tennessee and around the country each year, but a study published recently in a leading road safety journal suggests that they do not offer as much protection in a front-end crash to women as they do to men. A team of academics from the University of Virginia analyzed more than 20,000 front-end collisions that took place over a 17-year period, and they found that women wearing seat belts suffered injuries far more often than men who were buckled up.

Independence Day: worst holiday for DUI fatalities

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown that Independence Day is the worst US holiday for drunk driving crash fatalities. There were 1,192 such fatalities between 2010 and 2017 while Memorial Day, which came in second, saw 1,105 fatalities. Tennessee residents should know that the overall DUI fatality rate for the Fourth of July is 42.4. That is, 42.4 fatalities per day.

Study reveals effectiveness of advanced car safety features

When car buyers in Tennessee and around the country visit dealer showrooms, safety is often one of their primary concerns. Auto manufacturers are aware of this, and they have introduced a range of safety features in recent years that are designed to warn drivers about potentially dangerous situations and prevent accidents. Some road safety experts worry that drivers who put too much faith in these safety systems may actually be more likely to crash, but a recent study from the market research company J.D. Power suggests that vehicle owners do not share this view.

Crash risk goes up for teens between Memorial Day and Labor Day

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has called the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. Teens, who are inexperienced to begin with, are on the road more frequently during the summer, which is why the risk they run for getting in a car crash increases about 15% in those 100 days. Parents of teen drivers in Tennessee should know what to do to address this trend.

What drivers can do about drowsiness on the road

Most drivers in Tennessee recognize the danger of drowsy driving. If they do not get adequate sleep (the CDC recommends at least seven hours), they will only raise the risk for a car crash. The National Sleep Foundation reports that going without sleep for 24 hours will create the same level of impairment as that experienced by a drunk driver with a .10 BAC.

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