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Waits for Social Security Disability Hearings and Approval Rates

     People applying for Social Security Disability or SSI are waiting longer to have their cases heard and fewer cases are being approved. The national average processing time for claims before the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review is up to 392, which is an increase of 10 from February of 2014, and up from 372 in December of 2013. Nationally, the average approval rate is 44% (down from 46% since December of 2013). In Tennessee, the average processing time is 419, which is up from the 407 days in February of 2014 and 388 days in December of 2013 with 49% of cases being approved. The approval rate has dropped from 50% in February of 2014 and 53% in December of 2013.

Failure to obey traffic signals leads to 3 injuries in Knoxville

October has already seen injurious car accidents in the Knoxville area. One recent car accident, said to have been caused by one driver's failure to obey traffic signals, resulted in injuries to three people. According to reports, the three were taken to a local Knoxville hospital after a woman driving a car smashed into the side of a van carrying passengers from the Cerebral Palsy Center. The injuries, according to initial reports, did not seem to be life-threatening.

Social Security Disability and SSI Allowance Rates in Tennessee

The Social Security Administration recently released information regarding Allowance Rates for Social Security Disability and SSI claims for Fiscal Year 2011. The Allowance Rates are a percentage of cases approved at the Application stage and Reconsideration. Consistent with recent years, the allowance rate in Tennessee is 24.5% at the application stage and only 8.9% at Reconsideration. Put in more proper perspective, three out of every four claimants are denied benefits on their application and nine out of ten are denied at Reconsideration.

John Dreiser Named Top Social Security Disability Attorney

     In the July/August 2012 issue of Cityview Magazine, John Dreiser was recognized as one of the Top Attorneys in the area of Social Security Disability in Knoxville, Tennessee. There were only four other attorneys that gained this distinction. As noted by Cityview, members of the Knoxville Bar Association are asked to "determine which attorneys in Knoxville are the best in their respective fields" and "whom they would recommend to friends and family if a particular matter fell outside of their practice specialties." This year, more than 17,800 votes were cast. This particular honor has been bestowed upon John for several years running. 

Speeding and drinking may be to blame in Knoxville fatal crash

There are many factors that can contribute to the cause of a car accident. These can include alcohol, speeding, inattention and numerous other causes. When a driver is distracted or fails to obey the rules of the road while operating a motor vehicle in Tennessee, civil liability may apply regarding any injuries to car accident victims caused by that negligence.

Speeding car injures 2 Knoxville police officers

Police officers endanger their lives the moment they put their badges on, but officers typically aren't worried about that. It's part of their job to worry about keeping the community in which they serve safe. That appears to be exactly what two Knoxville police officers were doing on a recent Tuesday before trying to avoid a speeding car that was coming right for them on the ramp to I-140.

Important Info for Social Security Disability and SSI Claimants

Periodically I like to post some useful information for Social Security Disability and SSI claimants in Tennessee.

Update: Knoxville cop's firing leads to dismissal of 100 cases

Not long ago we highlighted a story concerning a Knoxville, Tennessee, police officer who drove past a fiery wreck that claimed the life of one man. Now, prosecutors in Knox County have dismissed pending cases against nearly 100 people. The charges in all cases that were handled by the at-fault officer have been dropped. According to an updated news report, the officer still faces a lawsuit on behalf of the car accident victim's family.

Knoxville car wreck prompts wrongful death suit against officer

When we think about a wrongful death suit as it pertains to a car accident case, we typically think of one driver being at fault and facing the repercussions of his or her actions. Very rarely do we consider that those who are sworn to serve and protect may also be found liable in car accident cases where lives are lost. Nonetheless, this is exactly what happened in Knoxville, Tennessee, after the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) concluded their investigation into a deadly car crash.

Knoxville man in wheelchair hit and killed by SUV

A Knoxville man died last week after he was hit by a sports utility vehicle. The 68-year-old man had just come off the sidewalk, riding in his motorized wheelchair. As he entered onto Forest Glen Drive in West Knoxville, the driver of the SUV hit him, knocking the man out of his wheelchair. He was taken to UT Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

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