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Posts tagged "fatal crash"

Driver negligence may be factor in fatal Tennessee crash

Authorities are still investigating a fatal accident last year in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park that ended the life of a teenager. Reports indicate that the teenager was driving northbound on the Spur, a roadway between two popular tourist towns, when he struck another vehicle that was pulling onto the Spur from an adjoining roadway. The question for authorities now is whether driver negligence on the part of either driver was a factor in the accident.

Driver negligence may have led to fatal church bus crash

Driving involves a certain degree of risk, and not all accidents are preventable. In an update to a story we brought you on Oct. 5, recent developments may help one Tennessee community that continues to grieve the loss of two members. Police now believe that driver negligence may have led to the fatal crash, and charges have been issued in the matter.

Tennessee highway littered from series of car accidents

An eyewitness account of a massive accident in Tennessee gives details of the events leading up to the debris field that clogged traffic for hours. The series of car accidents was described as "mayhem" and "heartbreaking" by one witness. She gave an account of a woman driving at high speeds with her flashers on, speeding past just prior to the carnage. It remains unclear why the woman was in such a rush; however, at last report the investigation was still ongoing.

5-car accident in Tennessee may warrant personal injury claims

An accident in Dyersburg, Tennessee, has injured several people and claimed the life of another. The investigation is ongoing into the cause of the accident, and toxicology reports are expected to help determine if impairment was a contributing factor. Five vehicles were damaged in the collision, which sent four individuals to the hospital with varying degrees of injuries. This may allow those affected to seek compensation through personal injury claims, including the surviving family of the deceased victim.

Tennessee truck accident kills TDOT worker, injures patrolman

A tragic truck accident happened recently on a Tennessee highway and involved two trucks, one from TDOT. Police believe that the driver of a semi-tractor trailer truck crashed into the back of a parked TDOT truck, beginning the fatal truck accident. The impact caused the trucks to slam first into a pedestrian TDOT worker, then into a highway patrol vehicle as well in this horrific crash. The patrol officer was injured, and both the TDOT worker and the truck driver were killed.

Fatal Tennessee crash caused by driver negligence?

The cause of a tragic Tennessee car accident that took the life of one local woman and injured others is unclear at this time. A passenger car and a pickup truck crashed head-on at an intersection of U.S. Highway 411. It appears that both drivers and several other passengers were injured in this terrible collision, in addition to the passenger who was killed. This accident may leave many wondering if it may have been caused by driver negligence.

Tennessee truck accident ends in injury and death

The exact details of a recent multi-vehicle crash on a Tennessee highway are still being determined. What is known is that the truck accident involved a car colliding with two tractor-trailers. The driver of the car, a 53-year-old male, was killed in the accident.

Tennessee car accidents lead to injuries and deaths

Multiple Tennessee first-response agencies were called in to handle a devastating crash on July 7. The car accident occurred in the Knoxville area on Wears Valley Road, west of Ogles View Drive around 6:42 a.m. The fatal collision was just one of at least two deadly car accidents that happened in the area over the weekend.

Dual Tennessee car accidents kill 1, injure 2 officers

A fatal car crash killed one man and injured others on Monday, June 23. Sadly, the decedent was a former member of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The former patrolman was transported to a local hospital after the head-on collision on Highway 75. The man died the day after the car accident.

Tennessee truck accident takes life of 2-year-old boy

At least one Tennessee family has suffered a terrible loss that is the nightmare of many parents. One of six children riding in a van that was involved in a truck accident on May 18 has died as a result of the injuries he suffered in the crash. The van was traveling on U.S. Highway 78 near Blue Springs when it crashed into a dump truck. Three others were injured as a result of the collision.

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