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Car accident involving uninsured driver may be thing of the past

Since 1977, drivers in Tennessee have been legally required to have proof of liability insurance. According to the legislation, drivers had to be insured for specified minimum levels of liability, varying from $15,000 for property damage to $50,000 in the case of multiple deaths or injuries. Unfortunately, the fine a driver can face for driving without insurance is currently only $100. The relatively small fine has led to a situation in which 23 percent of the Tennessee driver population carries no liability insurance. Lawmakers hope that proposed changes to legislation will decrease car accident involvement by uninsured drivers.

Warmer weather brings increased chances of a motorcycle accident

Tennessee surgeons at Vanderbilt University Medical Center are preparing themselves for what they call "trauma season."  With the first signs of warmer weather, five motorcycle accident victims were treated for injuries on one Sunday in mid March. One did not survive.

Uninsured drivers: what happens in case of a car accident?

There is very little doubt that a motor vehicle accident is a traumatic experience, especially when resulting in serious injury or death. When a car accident occurs, victims or their families, depending on the case, may be entitled to file a claim for damages resulting from the accident. For this reason, most states have instituted legislation requiring drivers to either have insurance or proof of financial responsibility. Tennessee state law is no different.

Tennessee workers' compensation example in out-of-state accident

Tennessee workers face a myriad of situations and circumstances that can be potentially dangerous. While many people see the inherent dangers of working sites with heavy machinery, moving parts or chemicals, even ordinary jobs can prove dangerous or fatal. Thankfully, Tennessee has workers' compensation laws in place to protect the victims of a devastating workplace accident and their families.

At least 22 sustain personal injury in Tennessee bus crash

There are a number of factors that can contribute to accidents on Tennessee roadways. While the most common may include the actions of other drivers, it is not always a driver that is to blame for something going wrong, causing a personal injury. For example, when an individual or company is negligent in performing routine maintenance and safety inspections on their cars, trucks or vans, lives may be at stake.

Tennessee crash attributed to speeding: 1 dead, 1 critical

A tragic car crash occurred on a recent Saturday night in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The car apparently went airborne from a local roadway and struck a tree. Preliminary evidence suggests that speeding was the primary cause of the accident, though other details of the fatal collision were not immediately available.

Car accidents in Tennessee affect communities, schools

Any car accident resulting in injuries or loss of life can be traumatic for Tennessee communities. Car accidents involving teenagers may have an even greater impact. Recently, a local high school has been affected after a tragic car crash that killed one student and injured another. Grief counselors have been made available to the Andersonville High School classmates of the two students who were involved.

Tennessee personal injury laws protect victims after accidents

McCaney Mill Road near Lexington was the site of a car accident which ended in injuries to one driver, and death to another two days after the incident. According to Tennessee Highway Patrol officials, the personal injury accident occurred when the 30-year-old driver of a car lost control of his vehicle. It is believed that he over-corrected after running off the road, causing his vehicle to end up in the oncoming traffic lanes.

Tennessee personal injury claim may follow recent child injury

Tennessee officials are still on the lookout for a car and driver that reportedly hit a go-kart injuring the two children riding in it. The Knox County Sheriff's Office is asking the public for help in locating and identifying the driver and car believed to be responsible for this personal injury accident. A boy and a girl were in the go-kart on Henry Haynes Road when a black sedan driving on Babs Road turned, striking the front portion of the go-kart.

Tennessee animal bite victims are eligible for personal injury

Several residents in Tennessee neighborhoods are becoming aware of a growing number of stray and loose animals roaming rural areas. According to reports from the Knox County Animal Control, incidents involving animal bites have nearly tripled in number from this time last year. Many people are unsure what to do in the event of an animal bite, and may be interested to learn that a personal injury claim can be filed if another person's dog is left unrestrained or unattended and an attack occurs.

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