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Did driver negligence cause serious injury to Tennessee student?

Every time an individual gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in Tennessee, a duty of reasonable care is owed to others in or near the roadway. Perhaps nowhere is that duty more important than near a school bus. Car accidents can occur in a moment of time, and driver negligence is often a factor in collisions. A recent pedestrian accident involving a young student attempting to board a bus in Jonesborough has authorities investigating exactly what happened.

Driver negligence may be the cause of Tennessee fatal crash

A Tennessee community is in shock after learning of the deaths of two of its members as a result of a horrific car accident. The crash, which may have been the result of driver negligence, happened as a large group from a local church was returning home from a weekend retreat in a large van. The car crash ended the life of two victims and caused injury to at least nine others.

Tennessee troopers focus on drunk driving

Tennessee state troopers are communicating with the Department of Safety and Homeland Security to establish new ways to combat a staggering number of automobile accidents within the state. Seat-belt negligence and drunk driving are plaguing roads and claiming the lives of the populace. Tennessee residents need to be aware of the overwhelming statistics concerning travelers and the risks they face every time they get behind the wheel.

Dozing driver may have caused Tennessee truck accident

Truck accidents can happen to anyone, including Tennessee state troopers. Often being stopped on the side of the highway can be dangerous as drivers may not expect to encounter a stopped vehicle. However, drivers are expected to maintain a safe distance from police cars that are conducting traffic stops near the road. One recent truck accident occurred when a truck driver unfortunately did not notice a police cruiser until it was too late.

Car accident injures Knoxville mini-bike rider

Most Knoxville, Tennessee, drivers already know that failure to obey traffic signs can be dangerous. Many car accidents occur because drivers do not see a traffic sign or they choose to ignore one. This may be the case in a car accident that took place on Oct. 15.

Truck accident on I-81 leaves six injured

Car and truck accidents can happen in an instant. Drivers always need to be vigilant of their surroundings to ensure that they and everyone around them are operating in a safe manner. This is especially true for Interstate highway driving, where vehicles are traveling at a higher speed. If drivers are distracted, they can fail to see if traffic ahead of them has come to a stop.

Car accident injures Knoxville police officer

Car accidents happen every day, but it's not every day that an officer of the law is on the receiving end of a collision. A Knoxville police officer was injured in a car accident on Northshore Road on Saturday. According to reports from the Knoxville Police Department, the officer, the driver and passenger of the other vehicle were injured in Saturday's car accident.

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