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Posts tagged "reckless driving"

Driver negligence may be factor in fatal Tennessee crash

Authorities are still investigating a fatal accident last year in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park that ended the life of a teenager. Reports indicate that the teenager was driving northbound on the Spur, a roadway between two popular tourist towns, when he struck another vehicle that was pulling onto the Spur from an adjoining roadway. The question for authorities now is whether driver negligence on the part of either driver was a factor in the accident.

Driver negligence may have led to fatal church bus crash

Driving involves a certain degree of risk, and not all accidents are preventable. In an update to a story we brought you on Oct. 5, recent developments may help one Tennessee community that continues to grieve the loss of two members. Police now believe that driver negligence may have led to the fatal crash, and charges have been issued in the matter.

Tennessee trooper injured in fiery truck accident

Driving late at night can lead to tiredness and fatigue, as many people in Tennessee know. Unfortunately, truck drivers are particularly prone to becoming tired while driving. When a driver of big rig loses control after falling asleep or simply taking attention off the road, a truck accident can result.

Knoxville car accident involving 6-year-old results in arrest

A Knoxville, Tennessee, woman was recently arrested for striking a 6-year-old boy with her car and then fleeing the scene of the accident. Reportedly, the car accident took place when the young boy, along with several other children, was crossing the street outside a Boys and Girls Club near the 300 block of McConnell Street. The 18-year-old female driver attempted to pass the group instead of waiting for them to cross.

Two Knoxville teens die in crash

Was it unsafe road conditions or reckless driving that killed two Tennessee teens in a car accident recently? The teens' car crossed Interstate 40 in Knoxville and crashed into an oncoming pickup truck. The crash occurred during a rain storm, but it is unclear whether unsafe road conditions are to blame for the accident.

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