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Tennessee animal bite victims are eligible for personal injury

Several residents in Tennessee neighborhoods are becoming aware of a growing number of stray and loose animals roaming rural areas. According to reports from the Knox County Animal Control, incidents involving animal bites have nearly tripled in number from this time last year. Many people are unsure what to do in the event of an animal bite, and may be interested to learn that a personal injury claim can be filed if another person's dog is left unrestrained or unattended and an attack occurs.

Driver negligence may be the cause of Tennessee fatal crash

A Tennessee community is in shock after learning of the deaths of two of its members as a result of a horrific car accident. The crash, which may have been the result of driver negligence, happened as a large group from a local church was returning home from a weekend retreat in a large van. The car crash ended the life of two victims and caused injury to at least nine others.

Fatal Tennessee crash caused by driver negligence?

The cause of a tragic Tennessee car accident that took the life of one local woman and injured others is unclear at this time. A passenger car and a pickup truck crashed head-on at an intersection of U.S. Highway 411. It appears that both drivers and several other passengers were injured in this terrible collision, in addition to the passenger who was killed. This accident may leave many wondering if it may have been caused by driver negligence.

Tennessee truck accident ends in injury and death

The exact details of a recent multi-vehicle crash on a Tennessee highway are still being determined. What is known is that the truck accident involved a car colliding with two tractor-trailers. The driver of the car, a 53-year-old male, was killed in the accident.

Tragic car accidents in Tennessee often end in death and injury

Two young people were involved in a tragic car accident which resulted in the death of the driver of the one vehicle involved. As is the case in many car accidents, the families of the young victims must now work to come to terms with their devastation. This may not be easy, especially in light of the fact that the victims were only 21 and 18 years old at the time of the crash.

Personal injury accident in Knoxville leaves man in hospital

A Knoxville man sits in a room at a local hospital recovering from severe injuries suffered when the bicycle that he was riding was hit from behind by a truck. The man suffered severe personal injury from the crash that happened as he rode down a steep local roadway. His injuries include a broken leg and a broken arm among others.

Drunk driving accident proves tragic for Tennessee mother-to-be

Drunk driving has tragic consequences far too often on American roadways. One Tennessee mother believes that a drunk driver caused the death of the unborn baby. The woman was just weeks away from giving birth when the alleged drunk driving car accident took place.

Tennessee car accidents lead to injuries and deaths

Multiple Tennessee first-response agencies were called in to handle a devastating crash on July 7. The car accident occurred in the Knoxville area on Wears Valley Road, west of Ogles View Drive around 6:42 a.m. The fatal collision was just one of at least two deadly car accidents that happened in the area over the weekend.

Tennessee car accident injures several people in Bumpus Mills

Multiple people were taken to Tennessee hospitals after a collision that happened on June 24 on Highway 120 in Bumpus Mills. Authorities believe that a 26-year-old woman driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee decided to make a left turn into Dean's Market. However, she turned into the path of an oncoming pickup truck and realized she was in danger of causing a car accident.

Knoxville wrong-way car accident causes life-threatening injury

The Knoxville Police Department is continuing to investigate the cause of a serious car accident that occurred on April 14. The car accident, which resulted in life-threatening personal injury, occurred on the Alcoa Highway during the early morning hours. Traffic had to be rerouted around the collision for about two hours while authorities worked to clean up the scene.

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