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To claim for workers' compensation, do I need a lawyer?

One would think that getting the compensation you are entitled to after a workplace injury should happen without any hassle, but this is not always true. Injured workers may find that if their claim is handled incorrectly they do not receive the full benefits they are entitled to, or they may even receive nothing. If you are injured at your workplace in Tennessee, you may benefit from consulting with an attorney to help you with your workers' compensation claim to ensure you receive the full benefits due to you.

Important facts on workplace injury claims in Tennessee

Tennessee employees injured at work before July 1, 2014 may benefit from an awareness of the basic rules and requirements governing the workers' compensation system. The first step to take relates to reporting the workplace injury. An injured person has 30 days after the injury occurred, or was confirmed as work-related by a doctor, to report the injury. The injury must be reported to the person's supervisor.

Dollywood parking attendant suffers workplace injury

Workers in any industry in Tennessee face personal injury hazards whenever they are on duty. The general assumption that only workers in construction or industrial work need to be concerned with safety regulations provides a false sense of security to many business owners. A workplace injury can occur in circumstances where accidents are not anticipated.

Workplace injury on farms are decreasing despite many hazards

Each year, a significant number of farmers and their workers are injured while going about their regular duties.  According to those who have been farming for many years, safety on farms was not really a priority a half century ago. Fortunately, a current focus on safe working conditions has led to a decrease in the number of people who suffer a workplace injury on farms across the United States. In Tennessee, an emphasis on making equipment safer and creating awareness of safety practices has contributed to fewer injuries to farmers.

Workplace injury claims life in Tennessee

A middle-aged construction worker died on site on a recent Tuesday in mid November when his telehandler overturned. The man was busy offloading a delivery on site when the accident happened. An accident such as this leaves dependents with many questions. In Tennessee, workplace injury victims -- and their dependents in the case of fatalities -- may choose to file a workers' compensation or death benefit claim.

Dangerous working conditions often lead to a workplace injury

Utility workers in Tennessee, and all across the country, are regularly required to work in all weather conditions, high above the ground and on high voltage equipment. When you consider these working conditions, it is easy to see why this group of workers is more likely than average to suffer a workplace injury, and even why this industry has a relatively high fatality rate. Because of the risks they face, utility workers need to be given special safety considerations by their employers.

A proud father loses his son due to a workplace injury

A father is left devastated by the passing of his son at their joint workplace. A young graduate of only 21 years was working with his dad on the renovation of a Tennessee building when the accident happened. OSHA, the governmental body in charge of investigating a workplace injury, is currently investigating the accident and should complete its incident reports by the end of November.  

Chicken feed delivery led to fatal workplace injury

The electrocution of a man delivering chicken feed on a recent Wednesday morning at the beginning of July has left a lasting impression on an eyewitness. The 63-year-old victim died when part of his delivery truck touched an overhead power line. This accident is an example of some of the dangers to which agricultural workers across the United States, including Tennessee, are exposed. A workplace injury within the agricultural sector may arise from such a dangerous situation

Workplace injury -- 77 percent of agricultural cases not reported

Agricultural workplace injuries and illnesses are much more prevalent than what government statistics suggest. A workplace injury is something that both employers and employees should always take serious. A recent study has shown that the governmental agencies in charge of tracking workplace injuries are off by about 77 percent. According to the researcher, there are a number of reasons why there is such a big discrepancy between the number of reported injuries and the number of actual injuries suffered by agricultural workers in Tennessee and all across the country.

OHSA citations protects workers against workplace injury

During the middle of April this year, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration cited a company after an inspection. The safety inspection was done after two incidents in which two workers each suffered a workplace injury. OSHA fined the company, alleging that it has repeatedly violated safety requirements. The role of OSHA is to act as a watchdog against employers in the United States, including Tennessee, who do not ensure safe working conditions.

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