Over 45 Years Of Experience Assisting Disabled And Injured Clients

Since 1974 and 2000 respectively, attorneys Tony Farmer and Paul Dreiser have dedicated their legal careers to clients facing:

  • Social Security Disability and long-term disability claims
  • EEOICPA cases
  • Civil litigation following auto crashes and other accidents
  • Workers’ compensation claims

If You Can’t Work Because Of A Disability, We Take It Personally

Our diligence and commitment to clients’ rights have led to over 7,000 satisfied clients and countless referrals, as well as recognition from Knoxville’s CityView Magazine:

  • Mr. Farmer was recognized by CityView as one of the top three workers’ compensation attorneys in the city.
  • Mr. Dreiser was voted one of Knoxville’s top three Social Security Disability lawyers and workers’ compensation attorneys in CityView.

Learn more about our attorneys through the links to their profiles below:

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Additionally, we are frequent lecturers regarding personal injury law, Social Security Disability, and workers’ compensation in Tennessee, and we have and continue to serve as leaders in a broad range of legal organizations related to trial law, personal injury law, workers’ compensation and SSD/SSI law. Contact us TODAY for help!

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