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Study finds that roadside advertising distracts drivers

Roadside advertising, often in the form of billboards, is a staple in America. High-traffic areas mean that thousands of people are potentially exposed to advertising every hour, making it a fundamental part of many business' strategies.

However, one study has found that this advertising is very distracting to drivers. With all of the focus recently on distracted driving -- texting and driving, for the most part -- this is a very important development.

Common myths about Social Security Disability benefits

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are vital to millions of people who are too sick or too injured to work. These benefits help recipients pay for utility bills, food, housing and transportation. Some recipients use the benefits to pay for their medical care. Whatever the reason, there are some myths out there about the benefits that we would like to dispel in today's post.

One of the most common myths is that the benefits will replace most of a person's income. This is so far from the truth because the benefits paid out are quite modest. The program was designed to help injured or sick workers pay for basic needs in order to survive and nothing more.

Animal bites: What actions should be avoided

Animal bites are a risk any time there are animals in the home or outside, especially in the summer when there are more people interacting with them. While most animals that are pets are harmless and unlikely to hurt you or others, there are some that quickly become dangerous and seriously injure those around them.

It is fairly common for dogs to bite, but it's not always for the reasons you may think. For instance, dogs may bite because they are ill, injured or feel cornered. They may be scared or prone to aggressive behavior. People need to understand the animal's demeanor and be prepared for changes based on the situation around it.

The benefits of uninsured motorist coverage

It's bad enough when you are involved in a car accident in Knoxville. Matters only get worse when you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. These accidents are so stressful to be involved in because they leave the victim driver in a bad situation. Here are the benefits of having uninsured motorist coverage on your automotive policy.

One of the biggest benefits of having uninsured motorist coverage on your auto insurance policy is that you can claim pain and suffering. So, if you are involved in one of these accidents and were not the at-fault driver, you can claim full compensation. This includes compensation for pain and suffering and you can claim it from your own insurance company.

Rules about SSD you should know

Social Security Disability insurance is a federal program that allows disabled workers to receive compensation if they are permanently disabled. Payroll taxes fund the program, and it is open to people who have paid into the Social Security system.

There are many regulations that govern who is eligible to receive SSDI benefits. Before you attempt to apply for these benefits, you should know the basics. Many applicants receive denials at the initial application phase, so you should be fully informed before you submit your application to have the best chances for success.

Was dehydration s factor in your wreck with a big rig?

Truckers face pressure from trucking companies to haul their cargo quickly from suppliers to retail outlets and other destinations around the nation. However, what isn't always acknowledged is how that pressure can compromise trucking safety from coast to coast.

For instance, there is the problem of truck drivers becoming dehydrated behind the wheel. According to the Physiology & Behavior journal, when drivers don't get enough hydration, it's as if they are driving while drunk.

Why talking on a phone while driving is still dangerous

Texting and driving is dangerous and you know why: You have to look down to text. What may surprise you, then, is that talking on your phone is also extremely dangerous. This is even true when you're using a hands-free system.

Remember, driver error causes about 94 percent of car accidents. Many documented errors happen when people are on their phones, even if they are using a hands-free device. This has taken thousands of lives.

Is driving drowsy as dangerous as driving drunk?

Many Knoxville residents can probably relate to having driven a vehicle after not getting a proper night's sleep. Maybe you drove to an exam after being up all night studying. You might not have even given it a second thought.

But perhaps you should. Research conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates that sleepy drivers are involved in 20 percent of highway fatalities. In fact, according to AAA, losing just a couple of hours of shut-eye doubles motorists' risk of collisions. Lose more sleep than that and drowsy drivers increase their accident risk by 400 percent.

Do I need a lawyer to appeal my SSD application denial?

Applying for Social Security Disability, also known as SSD, is notoriously fraught with difficulties. Oftentimes, when someone submits their first application without any professional assistance, such as from an attorney who has experience working with the SSD system, it results in a denial.

Getting a denial on your SSD application is not automatically a dead end. You should not assume that a denial means you cannot qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. However, you must appeal the denial, and the appeals process is complex.

Does someone's personality affect the risk of a dog bite?

Can your body language and personality increase the chances of a dog bite? You know that you shouldn't tease a dog, act aggressively toward it or bother it while it is eating. However, there may be specific personality traits that could lead to you being a dog bite victim.

A recent article in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health attempted to explain the what characteristics of dog bite victims could make it more likely that they were attacked. The study was done in the United Kingdom -- in the city of Cheshire, England, to be specific.

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