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Social Security Disability Blog

Study reveals effectiveness of advanced car safety features

When car buyers in Tennessee and around the country visit dealer showrooms, safety is often one of their primary concerns. Auto manufacturers are aware of this, and they have introduced a range of safety features in recent years that are designed to warn drivers about potentially dangerous situations and prevent accidents. Some road safety experts worry that drivers who put too much faith in these safety systems may actually be more likely to crash, but a recent study from the market research company J.D. Power suggests that vehicle owners do not share this view.

More than half of the vehicle owners surveyed by J.D. Power who bought cars, SUVs or pickup trucks equipped with backup cameras, blind spot alerts or collision prevention systems said that the features helped them to avoid a crash within 90 days of leaving the showroom. Data to back up these claims is sparse because government statistics do not provide information about car accidents that do not happen, but dealers report selling far fewer replacement parts for vehicles that have advanced safety systems.

Crash risk goes up for teens between Memorial Day and Labor Day

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has called the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. Teens, who are inexperienced to begin with, are on the road more frequently during the summer, which is why the risk they run for getting in a car crash increases about 15% in those 100 days. Parents of teen drivers in Tennessee should know what to do to address this trend.

It all comes down to safety education. Teens should know that it is clearly wrong to drive drowsy, drunk or impaired by drugs, yet it bears repeating whenever the Fourth of July celebrations are coming up. Teens should reduce the amount of night driving they do. In construction work zones, they must exercise greater caution.

What drivers can do about drowsiness on the road

Most drivers in Tennessee recognize the danger of drowsy driving. If they do not get adequate sleep (the CDC recommends at least seven hours), they will only raise the risk for a car crash. The National Sleep Foundation reports that going without sleep for 24 hours will create the same level of impairment as that experienced by a drunk driver with a .10 BAC.

According to a 2018 AAA study, 9.5% of auto accidents are caused by sleepy drivers. In a AAA survey, nearly a third of the respondents admitted to driving while drowsy once during the previous month. They said they were so drowsy that they could hardly keep their eyes open.

Study: opioid use doubles chances of fatal auto accident

With 214 million opioid prescriptions being issued every year, there is little doubt that the nation is seeing an opioid epidemic. Tennessee residents should know that opioids are dangerous substances for drivers and operators of heavy machinery because they can make one sedated and even dizzy.

However, many people drive while impaired by opioids. Roughly 7% of all fatal car accidents in the U.S. involve a driver on the medication. In the 1990s, opioid use led to only 1% of accidents. To show how opioid use raises the risk for fatal crashes, researchers at Columbia University undertook a new study.

Truck maintenance and cargo issues often lead to crashes

Truck accidents remain a major hazard on roads in Tennessee and throughout the United States. And when truck accidents occur, the occupants of smaller passenger vehicles are much more likely to be injured or killed than the driver of the truck. This is simply due to the huge size differential – trucks often weigh 20 to 30 times more than the other vehicles they interact with, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss just one aspect of truck driver/company negligence that leads to devastating crashes: Vehicle maintenance and cargo issues. 

Common reasons for a denial of SSD benefits

When you sustain a disabling injury or develop a debilitating disease that prevents you from being able to work, you may have the option of turning to Social Security benefits for financial help. However, the process is complicated and often leads to a rejection the first time you file a claim.

Certain factors increase the odds of a denial. Knowing what they are can help you better prepare to reduce the chances of a denial or can give you the motivation to appeal if it does happen.

What to expect during a Social Security disability video hearing

As a Tennessee resident who has trouble supporting yourself because of a serious, debilitating disability, you may decide you want to pursue Social Security disability benefits as a method of making ends meet. Available through the U.S. Social Security Administration and intended for those with severe disabilities unlikely to improve with time, disability benefits are monthly payments available to approved Americans to help them get by in the absence of working.

Unfortunately, the process of obtaining disability benefits can prove difficult, and many Americans who apply for them receive denials in response to their initial applications. If you receive a denial after submitting your application, and you also receive a denial after requesting the administration reconsider your application, you may need to take part in a Social Security disability video hearing.

Your child could suffer emotionally after a dog bite

You and your daughter are out on a walk on a beautiful day in Knoxville and see your neighbors walking their dog. You stop and make small talk and ask if your little one can pet the dog. She loves dogs.

"Of course," your neighbor replies.

Will my disability payments stop because of the shutdown?

At this point, the federal government shutdown has lasted nearly two weeks. While many legislators are calling for it to end without President Trump being allocated money for his border wall, it's unclear if this will occur. If you rely on the Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits that you receive to cover your basic necessities, then you'll be happy to know that your payments won't be affected no matter what decision lawmakers reach.

The reason why none of these social programs will be affected is that the government shutdown is only a partial one. Essential services are never done away with even if legislators can't agree on how to balance the budget. Since the SSD program is considered an essential service, your check will continue to be mailed to you on the date that it usually is.

Teen girl killed in Knox County pickup crash

A 15-year-old girl was killed days before Christmas in a crash on Millertown Pike in East Knox County, Tennessee.

In the incident, two pickup trucks ran into each other, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office. Four other people were injured in the crash, and their conditions were not available.

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