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Serious Injuries Demand Serious Representation

Slip-and-fall accidents seem minor when compared to some other accident types. In reality, slip-and-fall accidents can lead to serious and permanent injuries, including paralysis, permanent pain, the need for new joints, and numerous other severe injuries and conditions.

The Knoxville slip-and-fall accident attorneys of The Law Offices of Tony Farmer and John Dreiser are accomplished trial lawyers who believe that the best way to achieve clients’ goals is to always prepare for trial. We aren’t asking for favors when we demand the highest possible compensation for injured clients. We negotiate from a position of strength and make it clear that we have been to trial hundreds of times and will go again if a fair out-of-court resolution isn’t an option.

We investigate slip-and-fall claims and establish liability by determining who created dangerous conditions, who knew about them and whether there were warning signs. We also work with engineers to recreate accidents and prove the presence of dangerous conditions in properties such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Private homes, including single-family homes, townhouses and condominium complexes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • Parking lots and sidewalks
  • Office parks
  • Stores and supermarkets, including “big box” retailers

We have handled over 7,000 injury claims, and our track record of handling slip-and-fall claims speaks for itself. Recent cases include accidents in which our client:

  • Slipped on dangerously over-polished hardwood stairs in a private home
  • Slipped and fell on spilled ice in a fast food establishment
  • Slipped on weather-related ice in a parking garage that accumulated due to bad design
  • Fell on water and ice on a staircase
  • Fell in a hotel because the warning sign was placed in a spot that was out of the way

In each case, we obtained a high-value award for our injured client. For more information, please contact our firm.

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At The Law Offices of Tony Farmer and John Dreiser, we provide free initial consultations, charge fees on a contingency fee basis, are available for evening, weekend, hospital and home visits, are conveniently located right off of I-40 near the Papermill exit, and provide free parking. To contact us, call (865) 584-1211.

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