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What Documents Are Needed To File For SSD?

Filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be a long process. The Social Security Administration is known for delaying or denying benefit claims if any document is missing or out of date. Preparing to file and contesting denials is a long process. When you need SSD benefits, you cannot risk unnecessary delays. Our attorneys help keep your claim process moving forward.

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What You Need To File For SSD Benefits

A successful application for SSD benefits requires numerous steps and documents. Below are some documents to gather for your claim:

· Evidence of your employment

· Any previous workers’ compensation benefit claims, including those from current injuries

· Medical documentation of your disability

· Any relevant doctor’s reports, like those associating your disability with your employment

· Records of any felony convictions

· Relevant waivers that prevent your exclusion from the SSD program

There are many requirements for each document. If the document is not properly completed or appropriately obtained, your claim may be denied. Our firm can help you navigate these requirements, the numerous exceptions to SSD requirements and the submission process.

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