2 fatal car accidents in Tennessee within 24-hours

Within 24-hours, two people were killed on Chapman highway. According to people residing in the area, serious car accidents are not uncommon on this particular part of the Tennessee highway. The first crash led to the death of an SUV driver. A full day had not even passed before another person was killed.

In the second accident, the driver of a car tried to cross over all the highway lanes. An SUV traveling in one of the highway lanes crashed into the car, killing the passenger sitting in the back seat. Emergency personnel transported the driver of the SUV, as well as the rest of the car’s occupants to a nearby hospital. Although, it is known that the SUV driver’s life is not in danger, it is not known how serious any of the injuries suffered by the other parties are.

Residents living along this stretch of highway have indicated that they believe the highway needs to be made safer, urgently. Official reports show that in 2013 alone 140 car wrecks were reported on this stretch of highway. Although there are plans to make the highway safer, it is only in the planning phase and may take some time. In the meantime, drivers should be more cautious when driving on this part of the highway.

The family of the deceased victim may consider instituting a wrongful death claim, while any seriously injured victims may choose to file personal injury claims. In Tennessee, civil claims arising from car accidents, where the evidence suggests that negligence on the part of a driver was the root cause of the accident, may result in a judicial award of monetary damages. These often include remuneration for medical bills, loss of employment income and pain and suffering related to the accident and resulting injuries.

Source: wbir.com, “Chapman Highway sees two fatal crashes in 24 hours“, , May 29, 2014




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