When does the new handheld phone law take effect?

You’ve probably heard about the new law in Tennessee changing legal use of a cellphone in a car. It will make it illegal to hold the device and use it in any way if you’re driving through an active school zone. This means not sending or reading text messages. It means no going on the

Things to know about parking lot car accidents

Tennessee sees its fair share of auto accidents. In 2016, reports from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security indicate that over 50,000 injuries took place in the state.  When many people think of motor vehicle accidents, they assume a grand collision that takes place on a freeway. In contrast, a decent amount of collisions take place

Experts say not to trust dogs with a violent history

Many people are appalled and surprised when their dogs bite, saying they’ve never done anything like that before. They can’t believe their pets would attack other people. The Statistics While that may be true for that particular dog, the statistics show that bites are actually very common. Around 800,000 people wind up going to a




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