Opinions of Treating Sources in Social Security Disability Opinions of Treating Sources in Social Security Disability

In Social Security Disability or SSI claims, the residual functional capacity (“RFC”) (to learn more about exertional levels click here) of the Claimant is very often the determining factor in whether the person is found disabled. The SSA looks to what physicians, psychologists, or other medical sources have to say about the individual’s limitations or abilities. Opinions

Car wreck leaves 2 injured in Tennessee

Two Harley-Davidson riders suffered injuries in an accident on a recent Saturday afternoon in the end of July. Tennessee Highway Patrol officials report that the accident happened just before 1:30 p.m. The car wreck involving a Lincoln Town Car and the two motorcycles happened along U.S. Highway 231. At the time of the accident, the

Teens involved in bus and car wreck in Tennessee

A bus carrying a group of teenagers was involved in a multiple vehicle accident on a recent Thursday in July. The teenagers were on a visit to Tennessee to do missionary work. The mission trip was organized by Johnson University in Knoxville. Several people, including some of the visiting teenagers, were injured in the car

Social Security Disability and Somatoform or Conversion Disorder

Persons can qualify for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits based on conversion disorder or somatoform disorder. If a person is not working and has been diagnosed with this severe condition, the Social Security Administration will determine whether the person is disabled under a listing or whether jobs exists considering the person’s residual abilities. In

Chicken feed delivery led to fatal workplace injury

The electrocution of a man delivering chicken feed on a recent Wednesday morning at the beginning of July has left a lasting impression on an eyewitness. The 63-year-old victim died when part of his delivery truck touched an overhead power line. This accident is an example of some of the dangers to which agricultural workers

Social Security Disability and the Meaning of Exertional Levels

Social Security Disability and SSI claims often deal with physical ailments and their effects on a person’s ability to do work. The Social Security Administration determines whether the person seeking benefits can perform his/her past work and whether other work exists considering his/her residual functional capacity, i.e. what the claimant can still do despite her

Social Security Disability Wait Times Up with Lower Approvals

Unfortunately, the news for Social Security Disability and SSI claimants waiting for a hearing continues to worsen in terms of wait times for hearings and percentage of people awarded disability. Just a few months ago, in May of 2014, I posted the latest information on wait times and approval rates. Things have worsened since then!

Tennessee car wreck kills 1 in Murfreesboro

A 31-year-old Tennessee woman may be facing charges after police said that she caused an accident in which another person died. The car wreck happened during the early morning on a recent Wednesday in late June. Tennessee authorities suspect the driver of driving while under the influence of drugs. While nearing an intersection, the driver




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