Childhood SSI Claims and Social Security Disability

People often wonder if their child can receive Social Security Disability.  Children with a disability can receive SSI benefits if certain poverty guidelines are met. The sequential evaluation for children’s cases is different than for that of adults. Analysis of a child’s claim of disability requires three sequential steps. First, a child will be found

Car accident injures Knoxville firefighter

It is always a tragedy when those who protect us are injured, regardless of whether they are on-duty or off. These brave Knoxville men and women often risk their own lives to keep us safe. But even they can cause car accidents at times, which may result in personal injuries to others. This was the

John Dreiser to Present on Workers’ Compensation

Important issues in Workers’ Compensation will be covered at an upcoming seminar titled “Handling a Workers’ Compensation Case From Start t Finish” on December 7, 2011 in Knoxville, Tennessee. John Dreiser of the Law Offices of Tony Farmer and John Dreiser will be the sole presenter from the Plaintiff’s bar at this National Business Institute

Vocational Experts in a Social Security Disability or SSI Case

Social Security Disability and SSI claims often involve vocational information and testimony from vocational experts. Sometimes vocational information is in a report from a person who has never seen the claimant, but simply has reviewed the record. More often a vocational expert appears at the hearing to provide testimony. After a finding of medical disability,

Two Knoxville teens die in crash

Was it unsafe road conditions or reckless driving that killed two Tennessee teens in a car accident recently? The teens’ car crossed Interstate 40 in Knoxville and crashed into an oncoming pickup truck. The crash occurred during a rain storm, but it is unclear whether unsafe road conditions are to blame for the accident. The crash

Expanded Compassionate Allowances for Social Security Disability and SSI Claimants

Social Security Disability and SSI claimants now have more opportunities to get their cases fast-tracked for certain conditions. The Social Security Administration announced 13 new Compassionate Allowances conditions involving the immune system and neurological disorders. The Compassionate Allowances program fast-tracks disability decisions to ensure that claimants with the most serious disabilities receive benefit decisions within

Car accident injures Knoxville mini-bike rider

Most Knoxville, Tennessee, drivers already know that failure to obey traffic signs can be dangerous. Many car accidents occur because drivers do not see a traffic sign or they choose to ignore one. This may be the case in a car accident that took place on Oct. 15. According to authorities, a 24-year-old Knoxville man was




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