Move-over laws in Tennessee often ignored, causing auto accidents

In Tennessee, auto accidents with injuries and fatalities can happen in many circumstances. Frequently, they result from a driver being distracted, behaving recklessly, being under the influence or driving drowsy. Other factors can play a role in these collisions including drivers ignoring “move over” laws. If there is a crash with injuries and loss of life, it is important to know if this was a factor when determining the next step.

AAA, TDOT and others join forces to discuss move over laws and safety

Because so many drivers ignore these laws, AAA, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and others have combined their efforts to try and convince drivers to be aware of this problem. Part of the initiative was Crash Responder Safety Week. This was designed to bring attention to the potential for injuries and death faced by people whose job it is to help others on the road. That includes first responders, road workers and tow truck drivers. Drivers and passengers who are stopped due to a disabled vehicle are also vulnerable. Thirteen such people in Tennessee lost their lives in a roadside collision in 2019 alone.

TDOT says that an average of five of their vehicles are in a crash each month with damage to vehicles and people suffering injuries. This is a major problem as evidenced by anecdotal evidence from first responders and survey information accrued by AAA. AAA found that 19% of drivers in the state had an accident or almost had an accident with an emergency vehicle that was stopped on the side of the road. Eighteen percent of drivers knew about move over laws, but did not know they were in effect in the state. Failing to move over can result in fines and incarceration. Drivers are believed to violate the law in part because they are unaware of it and for the previously mentioned road dangers like distraction and DUI.

Having advice and assistance after an auto accident can be essential

Regardless of how the auto accident happened, people’s lives can be changed in a significant way in its aftermath. Medical treatment can be extremely expensive and a full recovery often takes time. It can hinder a person’s earning power. There may be long-term damage that impacts how they function each day and it can also place a strain on their family. If there is a fatality, these issues are compounded for those left behind. For help with how to move forward, consulting with those who understand personal injury cases and determining their cause can be critical with a case.




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