Does hearing loss entitle you to workers’ compensation?

Many workers’ compensation claims are centered around one clear event that took place. A worker falls from a roof, for instance. It’s easy to trace his or her injuries back to that specific event and even to connect many costs — medical bills, lost wages and the like — to those injuries. However, what about

Why is it more dangerous to drive during winter?

With cooler temperatures coming soon in Tennessee, it is time to act more cautiously when driving. While Knoxville does not get much snow every year, usually around six inches, it is enough to make driving substantially harder.  You should remain vigilant on roadways all year long. However, winter poses significant dangers that you typically do

Treating dogs like humans can be dangerous

When a dog bites someone, it’s common for the owner to be shocked and surprised, claiming that it’s never been a problem before. The issue, some experts say, is that people tend to treat dogs like human beings. This ignores what dogs need and what they are. It can put them in dangerous and problematic

Why aren’t drowsy driving statistics better?

It seems like we have statistics for every kind of accident. For instance, it’s easy to find out how many accidents are annually caused by drunk drivers. The same is not true for drowsy drivers. We know it’s a problem, and there are estimates. Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 1,550 people pass




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