SSDIB is similar to term insurance

Anyone in Tennessee can file for Social Security disability insurance benefits. However, if they do not meet all of the criteria for SSDI, they will not prevail. In addition to the ever-dreaded medical criteria, there are the nonmedical requirements. What this largely means is whether the person has insured status at all under the SSDI program,

Critical facts to help you understand DUI accidents

You know drunk driving accidents are a serious risk. Every time you see another tragic crash in the news, all you can think about is how easily preventable it was. To help better show the scope of the problem, here are a handful of important statistics. Most DUI accidents happen at night. In 2016, Mothers

Elderly drivers are most dangerous at intersections

Elderly drivers pose certain risks on the road, and it’s important for other drivers to be aware of that. Specifically, they cause a high percentage of accidents at intersections. According to the journal Traffic Injury Prevention, a full 50 percent of those 85 years old and older who were involved in deadly crashes were at

The rising economy leads to more truck accidents

The economy in much of the United States bottomed out in 2008 and 2009. Since then, it has slowly rebounded for years. You can see the evidence everywhere, but one rather unexpected place to look paints a bit of a bleak picture. Truck accidents are often linked to that same economy. In 2009, deadly truck




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