ALS and Social Security disability benefits

ALS and Social Security disability benefits In December 2020, the ALS Disability Insurance Access Act was signed into law. This act allows individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis to begin collecting their Social Security benefits without having to wait the five-month period. The waiting period is very familiar to those seeking Social Security disability benefits. SSD

Self-driving cars likely to fail in avoiding most accidents

Drivers in Tennessee and across the U.S. are looking forward to a future where self-driving cars have totally eliminated all accidents. Yet the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that these cars, so long as they do not put safety above speed and comfort, will fail to prevent even the majority of crashes involving

Preventing motor vehicle accidents on rural roads

People in Tennessee might not realize that driving on city roads may actually be safer than driving on rural roads. Rural roads have a number of hazards, and many of them are the result of this assumption that they are not dangerous. For example, assuming that police and other people will not be around, a

Working while receiving disability benefits

Individuals in Tennessee and throughout the country are allowed to work after applying for disability benefits. They are also allowed to work after they start to receive disability benefits. However, those who are working are not allowed to exceed the substantial gainful activity (SGA) threshold. This is because exceeding this amount generally indicates that a

More old cars means more defect-related crashes

Tennessee residents who drive an older vehicle may be at a higher risk for a preventable car crash. At least, this is the case in Ohio. According to the Ohio Highway Patrol, 56% of car crashes in the past three years that involved defective equipment were caused by vehicles made between 1999 and 2008. Model

Can you get disability for a mental disorder?

When people bring up the subject of disabilities, most think of the kind of disability you can see – whether you need a wheelchair or are confined to your bed much of the time. Invisible disabilities, especially mental or emotional ones, are more difficult for people to understand and can be hard to prove when you

Why do more car accidents happen in winter?

Tennessee can become excessively cold during the winter. In January, it is not unheard of for temperatures to get as low as 28 degrees Fahrenheit. With wind chill, it can feel even colder. This drop in temperature necessitates bundling up in warmer clothes and paying greater attention while on the road. Winter often brings an increase

SSDIB is similar to term insurance

Anyone in Tennessee can file for Social Security disability insurance benefits. However, if they do not meet all of the criteria for SSDI, they will not prevail. In addition to the ever-dreaded medical criteria, there are the nonmedical requirements. What this largely means is whether the person has insured status at all under the SSDI program,

Things to know about parking lot car accidents

Tennessee sees its fair share of auto accidents. In 2016, reports from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security indicate that over 50,000 injuries took place in the state.  When many people think of motor vehicle accidents, they assume a grand collision that takes place on a freeway. In contrast, a decent amount of collisions take place

Why is it more dangerous to drive during winter?

With cooler temperatures coming soon in Tennessee, it is time to act more cautiously when driving. While Knoxville does not get much snow every year, usually around six inches, it is enough to make driving substantially harder.  You should remain vigilant on roadways all year long. However, winter poses significant dangers that you typically do

How to stay safe while on the roads

You are a cautious driver by nature and go above and beyond to pay attention to the roads in the Knoxville area. But being a safe driver is not the only way to protect yourself and passengers from car accidents. With the roads being more congested than usual, it is important for you to stay

How to protect children from car accidents

While most people do not want to think about experiencing a car accident at some point, it is crucial to prepare if children are in the car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has data proving many children receive protection from crashes each year as a result of being adequately restrained.  Parents will feel a lot more at

1 in 5 commercial trucks failed during inspection blitz

Rules and regulations are in place to help encourage trucking companies to use safe trucks. Roadside inspections help ensure trucking companies meet this expectation. A failed inspection can result in serious consequences that can include a citation or removal of the vehicle from the roads with an out-of-service designation. Data from the most recent inspection

SSD and wait times: Are they getting any better?

Social Security disability benefits are available for qualifying applicants who were injured or suffer an illness that results in the inability to work. These benefits are designed to help ensure that recipients can meet their financial obligations. Once approved, the recipient receives money to help cover basic costs, like rent, groceries and the like. Unfortunately,