Knoxville wrong-way car accident causes life-threatening injury

The Knoxville Police Department is continuing to investigate the cause of a serious car accident that occurred on April 14. The car accident, which resulted in life-threatening personal injury, occurred on the Alcoa Highway during the early morning hours. Traffic had to be rerouted around the collision for about two hours while authorities worked to

Driver cited for failure to yield in Knoxville bike accident

Knoxville police report that a car accident involving a bicycle occurred on April 9 in Knoxville just before 6:30 p.m. While heading east on Kingston Pike, the bicyclist approached the intersection with Deane Hill Drive. An oncoming car attempted to make a turn onto Deane Hill and struck the bicyclist, resulting in personal injury to

Surviving Spousal Benefits and Social Security Disability

Can a surviving spouse draw benefits off of a fully insured person after that person’s death? This is a common question encountered in dealing with Social Security Disability. 20 CFR § 404.335 is where the answer is found in the Social Security regulations. However, the eligibility requirements for a surviving spouse in regulation can be

Garnishing Social Security Disability Benefits

When can the Social Security Administration garnish benefits received by Social Security Disability claimants? The Federal government can and will garnish Social Security benefits under several circumstances: Enforcement of child support or alimony obligations. See 42 USC 659. Federal law limits the maximum amount that can be administratively seized for both past-due and current child

Speeding car injures 2 Knoxville police officers

Police officers endanger their lives the moment they put their badges on, but officers typically aren’t worried about that. It’s part of their job to worry about keeping the community in which they serve safe. That appears to be exactly what two Knoxville police officers were doing on a recent Tuesday before trying to avoid

Two people dead and others injured in recent Tennessee crash

People in Tennessee often get in their cars expecting that they will make it to their destination safely. Sadly, another driver’s negligence can turn an otherwise peaceful drive into a tragedy. Late last month, two people lost their lives in yet another of the fatal crashes that happen all too frequently on Tennessee highways. The




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