Social Security disability may need changes

Social Security benefits for workers who are unable to work because of their medical conditions were threatened over the last four years because of the pandemic and political decisions. Improvements are needed to the Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Insurance programs to help Americans with disabilities obtain the minimal income and medical care that

Can your SSD claim be denied if you had lumbar fusion?

Back injuries are assuredly a central medical issue for many Tennessee residents who file for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration, but the fact that someone has had surgery does not necessarily mean they cannot work in a different industry. While educational training may be necessary for finding a suitable job, sedentary work can

Investments may help SSD recipients

Social Security imposes strict earned income restrictions for recipients receiving disability benefits. But recipients can receive unearned income without jeopardizing their Social Security disability benefits. This is notable because the average monthly benefit is $2,569 or almost $31,000 per year. SSD benefits Individuals are eligible for SSD if they cannot work because they have a




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