Childhood SSI and Need for Test Results in Psychological Cases

In determining whether a child qualifies for disability under the Childhood SSI regulations, the SSA decides if the child meets a listing or functionally meets a listing through deficits in any number of six domains of function. When dealing with a mental disorder, whether ADHD, autism, asperger’s, intellectual disability (formerly known as mental retardation), the results of psychological testing

Tennessee teen dies tragically in a truck accident

During the second week of June, a teenager died tragically after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. The Tennessee truck accident happened shortly after 11 o’clock in front of a truck stop along Highway 46. Although all fatal accidents are tragic, when the victim is so very young it seems so much worse. At

Dog that caused personal injury to vet allowed to go home

Tennessee dog owners may benefit from the recommendations of the owners of a dog in another state. After their dog attacked a veterinarian, they advise that all dogs should be muzzled when visiting the vet, as legal proceedings that follow a dog attack could be financially devastating. In fact, it may be wise to muzzle

Filing Social Security Disability Claims During Appeal Revisited

Often Social Security Disability claimants are confronted with a dilemma after receiving an unfavorable decision from an administrative law judge following a hearing. Does the claimant appeal to the appeal council, which can take a long time and is often unsuccessful, or file a completely new application? Years ago, a claimant could do both. However,

TN Workers’ Compensation Claims Harder on July 1, 2014

Workers’ Compensation claims in Tennessee for injuries such as hearing loss and carpal tunnel will become vastly more difficult after July 1, 2014.  As discussed previously, injuries arising out of or in the course and scope of employment in Tennessee on or after July 1, 2014 are going to be treated substantially different under the

2 fatal car accidents in Tennessee within 24-hours

Within 24-hours, two people were killed on Chapman highway. According to people residing in the area, serious car accidents are not uncommon on this particular part of the Tennessee highway. The first crash led to the death of an SUV driver. A full day had not even passed before another person was killed. In the

Testimony from Psychologists in TN Workers’ Compensation Cases

Often in workers’ compensation claims, when the claim involves mental injuries, psychologists are offered by the insurance companies for treatment.  Psychologists are not entitled to give a finding of causation under the act. As the Supreme Court stated in its unreported decision Shelby v. Highways, Inc, 2003 Tenn. Lexis 413 (May 13,2003), “the trial court

Workplace injury — 77 percent of agricultural cases not reported

Agricultural workplace injuries and illnesses are much more prevalent than what government statistics suggest. A workplace injury is something that both employers and employees should always take serious. A recent study has shown that the governmental agencies in charge of tracking workplace injuries are off by about 77 percent. According to the researcher, there are




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