The importance of commercial vehicle data recorders

Most of the semi-tractor trailers in Tennessee and around the country have devices known as Electronic Control Modules under their hoods. Truck manufacturers started fitting ECMs to their vehicles in the 1990s to weed out invalid warranty claims, but the data they record and store can also be of great use to crash investigators and

Can a spinal cord injury lead to depression?

Spinal cord injuries are traumatic for the victims and their family members. There are a lot of changes that come with one of these injuries. It is imperative that anyone who has one understands what they are likely going to experience so they can address these issues as they come up. One area that’s often

More fatal crashes occur in week after switch to DST

Car accidents arise every day in Tennessee, many of them fatal. A new study has shown, however, that even more fatal crashes occur in the week after the spring switch to daylight saving time. The study, published in Current Biology, shows how the loss of one hour of sleep increases the number of fatal crashes




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