Social Security Disability or SSI for Cerebral Palsy

Individuals may qualify for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits on the basis of cerebral palsy. The Social Security Administration recognizes the devastating and debilitating effects of cerebral palsy. If the cerebral palsy is severe enough and well documented, the Social Security Administration may approve a claim without even considering one’s ability to perform past

Social Security Disability and the Trial Work Period

Recipients of Social Security Disability benefits often wonder about returning to work while still receiving benefits. The trial work period (TWP) “is a period during which you may test your ability to work and still be considered disabled.” A trial work period can last up to nine months, but the months do not have to

Reopening a Prior Social Security Disability or SSI Claim

Often Social Security Disability or SSI applicants call about representation on a current claim and it is discovered there was a previously claim for benefits. If a denied claim is not appealed within the required time period, the decision or determination by the Social Security Administration (SSA) becomes final. However, under certain circumstances a previously

Childhood SSI Benefits Due to Cerebral Palsy

Children suffering from cerebral palsy may be eligible for Childhood SSI benefits. Childhood SSI claims are evaluated differently than adult claims for Social Security Disability or SSI. The requirements are actually more stringent. If the child is not working and has “severe” impairments, the Social Security Administration determines whether the claimant has an impairment or

Knoxville truck accident kills one after Civic strikes trailer

The Knoxville Police Department recently responded to an overturned tractor-trailer accident that turned fatal for one passenger and may have injured the driver. Whenever a truck accident happens, the damages and injuries can be extensive simply due to the size of the vehicles involved. It is unclear if the driver of the other vehicle involved




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