How do I qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

Knowing how to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, and prepare a strong application for them, is essential for disabled individuals in need of the important benefits. There are different requirements disabled applicants must meet and demonstrate to qualify for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits that they should be aware of. Medical history requirements for

The dangers of distracted driving

Distracted driving is dangerous driving behavior that can result in serious car accidents and injuries to victims. For that reason, victims of distracted drivers should be familiar with the legal protections available to them when they have been harmed in a distracted driving-related car accident. Types of distracted driving There are several different categories of

Drivers and pedestrians must work together to stay safe

Throughout Tennessee, individuals choose to walk to their destinations rather than driving. This is largely due to the pleasant weather, beautiful scenery and a desire to explore a healthy option. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries that could last a lifetime. In these situations, safety does not rest solely on one group’s shoulders.




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