What animals are most likely to have rabies?

You know there are plenty of risks associated with a dog bite, from bleeding to scarring to infection. You also know that any mammal can contract rabies, though, which poses an entirely different risk in the wake of a bite. What you’re wondering, then, is when that risk is high. Which animals pose the greatest

How to protect children from car accidents

While most people do not want to think about experiencing a car accident at some point, it is crucial to prepare if children are in the car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has data proving many children receive protection from crashes each year as a result of being adequately restrained.  Parents will feel a lot more at

Study says vehicle type trumps crash test ratings

Crash test ratings can be helpful. Don’t ignore them when buying a new car. However, also pay attention to vehicle type. One study claims that this is a lot more important than the ratings. Specifically, the study says you should buy an SUV. Researchers looked at head-on crashes between SUVs and cars, and those in

Want to survive a car crash? Better buckle up

It’s astounding how many Americans get into their cars without putting on a seat belt. Personal injury lawyers who deal with the aftermath of car accidents are intimately aware of how risky it is to ride in a vehicle without using a seat belt. Indeed, the difference between wearing a seat belt and not wearing

1 in 5 commercial trucks failed during inspection blitz

Rules and regulations are in place to help encourage trucking companies to use safe trucks. Roadside inspections help ensure trucking companies meet this expectation. A failed inspection can result in serious consequences that can include a citation or removal of the vehicle from the roads with an out-of-service designation. Data from the most recent inspection

How to protect yourself against an uninsured motorist

Having auto insurance is a requirement to drive just about anywhere in the country. Even though you might have insurance, there’s no guarantee that other motorists around you will have it. This poses a problem when you’re involved in an accident. Here’s how you can protect yourself from an uninsured motorist. There are ways that




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