40 percent of truck accidents linked to fatigue

Getting into a car wreck is always a stressful event, but an accident involving a commercial truck can be more than stressful – it can be catastrophic. The reason is based on simple physics. One vehicle weighs significantly more than the other, takes longer to stop and has more momentum when crashing into another vehicle.

Workplace hearing loss is serious

Hearing loss on the job is a serious problem for millions of Americans, many of whom do not realize that the damage is being done until it is too late. The costs add up for everyone involved, too – in 2015, U.S. businesses paid out penalties of more than $1.5 million because of not protecting

Noisy jobs equals good chances of a workplace injury

Those working in Tennessee industries such as mining, construction and even manufacturing may be used to working under noisy conditions, but do they realize the danger of hearing loss? While it has been reported as the workplace injury suffered most commonly by workers in the United States, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration regulations guiding

What safety risks come up in dry cleaning jobs?

Every job has its own particular safety concerns. Today, we will go over some of the hazards that a worker could face in dry cleaning jobs. The unique aspects of dry cleaning work give rise to a range of potential safety risks, including: Ergonomics risks: A lot of the work tasks done at dry cleaners

Dog attacks 3 people, 2 suffer serious injuries

A neighborhood is in shock after a brutal dog attack on three people by four dogs on a recent Tuesday afternoon. Two of the three victims had to be taken to a hospital in the area for treatment of their injuries. The dogs attacked a UPS delivery man first and then turned on those trying

Family dogs still pose bite risks

Individuals can feel a lot of warmth and affection towards a family dog. It is important though for dog owners to not let such feelings lead them to make assumptions that could put their children or other children at risk of getting hurt. One assumption a dog owner could fall into is assuming that their

Devastating Labor Day car wreck kills mother, injures baby

A traumatic accident occurred shortly after 9 a.m. on Labor Day. A Tennessee mother died in the car wreck, while her baby daughter was seriously injured.  Four other people were also injured in the accident. Reportedly, a 70-year-old minivan driver crossed over from his westbound lane into the eastbound lane. The head-on collision that followed

How common are uninsured drivers?

Just as you can’t count on all drivers acting safely, you can’t count on all drivers having insurance. Some may find it surprising just how common driving without insurance is here in the United States. According to Insurance Research Council estimates, as of 2012, around one out of every eight of the nation’s drivers lacked

Possible rise in workers’ compensation claims in Tennessee

Tennessee employers and employees have been encouraged by the Tennessee Occupational Health and Safety Administration to focus on an awareness of safety at work. The call came after statistics for the period of January to July showed a sharp rise in work-related fatalities. This rise in fatal work-related accidents may lead to a rise in workers’

Tennessee auto fatality levels among the nation’s highest

The good news is that traffic fatalities went down in Tennessee last year. Unfortunately, along with showing this decrease, recent federal statistics on U.S. traffic deaths in 2015 point to some other things that temper how encouraging this news is. For one, the statistics indicate that the decrease was quite small. The traffic fatality total




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