Childhood SSI for Mental Retardation or Intellectual Disability

Children with intellectual disability or what has been known as mental retardation may qualify for Childhood SSI benefits. Benefits may be awarded if the claimant can show: 112.05 Mental Retardation: Characterized by significantly subaverage general intellectual functioning with deficits in adaptive functioning. The required level of severity for this disorder is met when the requirements in

At least 22 sustain personal injury in Tennessee bus crash

There are a number of factors that can contribute to accidents on Tennessee roadways. While the most common may include the actions of other drivers, it is not always a driver that is to blame for something going wrong, causing a personal injury. For example, when an individual or company is negligent in performing routine

Childhood SSI Benefits for Dysfunction of Joints

Children suffering from musculoskeletal problems may qualify for Childhood SSI benefits.  The Social Security Administration determines of the child has a condition(s) that meets or medically equals the criteria of a listing, or that functionally equals the listings.  The listing for joint dysfunction is as follows: Major dysfunction of a joint(s): Characterized by gross anatomical deformity and chronic joint

Childhood SSI Benefits Due to Growth Impairment

SSI benefits may be available for children suffering from a growth impairment. The growth impairment may be disabling itself or may be the result of another disease, condition, or injury. Childhood SSI claims are evaluated differently than adult claims for Social Security Disability or SSI. The requirements are actually more stringent. If the child is not

Pedestrians can cause car accidents on Tennessee highway

Typically, when there are car accidents involving pedestrians on the highway, the drivers are thought of as the cause of the accident. However, a recent news story points to the fact that pedestrians can also be the cause of car accidents on Tennessee highways. In this particular case, several people, including the pedestrian, were injured

Car accidents cause more than physical pain in Tennessee

There are many reasons why car accidents occur on Tennessee roadways. Weather and road conditions, negligence, speeding and medical concerns are only a few of the common factors involved in many car accidents. One recent accident involving three vehicles may have involved one or more of these factors. So far, officials believe that one of

Social Security Disability or SSI for Intellectual Disabilities

Social Security Disability or SSI benefits can be awarded to individuals suffering from a low IQ or as the Social Security Administration (SSA) has previously called “mental retardation.” The SSA recently proposed changing the term from “mental retardation” to “intellectual disability” to be consistent with the terms widespread adoption by the government and other organizations. In pertinent

Parkinsonian Syndrome and Social Security Disability or SSI

Persons suffering from Parkinson’s Disease or Parkinsonian Syndrome may qualify for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits. If the claimant’s condition is severe enough and well documented, the Social Security Administration may approve her claim without even considering the ability to do past work or other work in the economy. The requirements are set out




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