A lawsuit may be filed if you suffer a dog bite

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data shows that nearly five million Americans are bitten by dogs each year. At least 50 percent of those are children. Some 30,000 people were forced to undergo plastic surgery to repair a disfiguring injury caused by a dog bite in 2014. Many of these injuries could have

Signs that a dog may have rabies

Rabies can be transmitted from dogs to humans. Even those who do not contract the disease could be seriously injured in an attack. It is very important to make an early diagnosis. Those who get bitten need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. To help, here are a few common signs that a

How to teach your children to avoid a dog attack

Because of their little bodies, delicate skin and lack of understanding about dogs, children are the most at risk of getting seriously hurt in a dog attack. For a small child, even a tiny dog could cause devastating injuries, so it’s important that parents teach their children how to stay safe around dogs as soon

Children need surgery after dog bites more than adults

Children and adults tend to split up dog bite incidents fairly evenly, at least when looking at bites that put people in the hospital. Of the 800,000 annual bites that lead to hospital visits, about 400,000 are children and 400,000 are adults. About 4 million people get bitten every year, according to some estimates. This

Animal bites: What actions should be avoided

Animal bites are a risk any time there are animals in the home or outside, especially in the summer when there are more people interacting with them. While most animals that are pets are harmless and unlikely to hurt you or others, there are some that quickly become dangerous and seriously injure those around them.

9-year-old girl bitten on face, neck by friend’s dog

It only takes a few seconds for an attacking dog to maul or kill someone. For those who survive a vicious dog attack, the physical injuries are often less disabling than the emotional trauma suffered. Certainly the emotional trauma can last much longer, especially when the victim is a young child. On the evening of

Are cat bites or dog bites more dangerous?

People often worry far more about dog bites than cat bites. It makes sense considering many dogs’ size and strength and the fact that the American Humane Society reports that there are roughly 4.7 million dog bite incidents annually within the United States. However, experts point out that cat bites can actually be more dangerous

Experts say not to trust dogs with a violent history

Many people are appalled and surprised when their dogs bite, saying they’ve never done anything like that before. They can’t believe their pets would attack other people. The Statistics While that may be true for that particular dog, the statistics show that bites are actually very common. Around 800,000 people wind up going to a

Treating dogs like humans can be dangerous

When a dog bites someone, it’s common for the owner to be shocked and surprised, claiming that it’s never been a problem before. The issue, some experts say, is that people tend to treat dogs like human beings. This ignores what dogs need and what they are. It can put them in dangerous and problematic

What animals are most likely to have rabies?

You know there are plenty of risks associated with a dog bite, from bleeding to scarring to infection. You also know that any mammal can contract rabies, though, which poses an entirely different risk in the wake of a bite. What you’re wondering, then, is when that risk is high. Which animals pose the greatest

How to protect children from a dog bite

Owning a dog is a desire millions of people have throughout the country. Dogs make great pets. They are loyal to a fault and provide you with unconditional love. But, not all dogs are safe for children to be around. Some dogs simply do not like strangers, especially children, who can be a little rough

Steps to take after an animal bite

Animals are some of the most beautiful living organisms nature has to offer. They can be majestic, yet also very dangerous. Even trained animals, such as pets, can be dangerous at times. Animals have an innate tendency to bite, especially if they are provoked. If you are bitten by an animal, these are the steps

Why a dog that bites once is likely to cause more personal injury

Pet owners have a responsibility to prevent their animals from harming others. Still, too many pet owners refuse to acknowledge that their animal could cause personal injury in Tennessee. The consequences of this negligence can be dire – consider the New Jersey woman who was recently attacked by her neighbor’s dog. The woman suffered disfiguring

Animal bite injuries not limited to dogs

About 2 to 5 million people in the United States will suffer an injury because of an animal bite every year. Although most animal bites are caused by dogs – about 85 to 90 percent – other domestic animals can also be dangerous and cause personal injuries. The risks associated with a dog bite injury