Tennessee workers’ compensation: Woman dies in work accident

A 34-year-old woman has died while on the job following an accident. The accident occurred on Sunday afternoon, but the exact details of what happened have not been reported. The Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration has stepped in and are conducting an investigation into the matter. The family of the deceased woman may be

Keep Good Records after Car Accidents

People involved in car accidents or other motor vehicle accidents are well served to keep records of everything related to the accident. Document, save and organize everything that comes into your hands involving the accident. You do not necessarily know what is important until you need it and do not have it or cannot find

Tennessee truck accident kills two, injures five

The driver of a tractor-trailer may face criminal charges after a crash that killed two people. The truck accident occurred over the summer on the interstate when the truck’s driver reportedly failed to slow down for traffic. Tennessee district attorneys have handed the case over to a grand jury to render a decision. A man

Car Accidents and Preservation of Evidence at the Scene

Persons involved in car accidents should take certain steps to preserve physical evidence. “The items of physical evidence are the silent sentinels of the truth.” The scene of an accident is fluid. Its physical characteristics will change and the physical evidence will disappear quickly. Will the snow and ice that covered the roadway be there

Tennessee fatal crashes: driver had revoked license

A two-vehicle accident has taken place along the highway. The accident has claimed the life of a 52-year-old woman. As with many fatal crashes in Tennessee, surviving relatives may seek relief through the court system. The accident reportedly occurred on Friday afternoon as a woman was making her travels along the highway. Suddenly, a male

Tennessee personal injury: Eight killed in bus crash

A devastating accident occurred on the highway. During a bus trip, the bus crossed the median on a Tennessee roadway after a tire exploded on the vehicle. The crash resulted in 14 people suffering from personal injury and eight others losing their lives. The accident reportedly occurred while the bus was transporting a group of

Seeking Medical Treatment after Car Accidents

Persons involved in car accidents should make sure that they seek treatment for their injuries. It is human nature to be upset and perhaps even embarrassed after an accident. Your frazzled nerves may mask symptoms of injury. You may want to do nothing more than to go home and be alone. Nevertheless, seek medical attention




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