Move-over laws in Tennessee often ignored, causing auto accidents

In Tennessee, auto accidents with injuries and fatalities can happen in many circumstances. Frequently, they result from a driver being distracted, behaving recklessly, being under the influence or driving drowsy. Other factors can play a role in these collisions including drivers ignoring “move over” laws. If there is a crash with injuries and loss of

Knox County accident leaves pedestrian dead

A recent pedestrian accident in the western part of Knox County left one person dead. Authorities say that the driver of a semi struck and killed a pedestrian while the pedestrian was on a city street. The accident happened early in the morning. Authorities are continuing to investigate the accident. They have not announced any

Head-on collision on I-26 near Johnson City kills three

Head-on collisions are often difficult to explain, but no doubt exists about their potential for causing significant injuries and death. A recent head-on collision near Johnson City killed three people, leaving police to scratch their heads about why the crash occurred. The collision According to the Johnson City Police Department, a silver sedan was traveling

New Tennessee law focuses on texting while driving

Although fewer vehicles were on the road last year due to an increase in telecommuting, the rate of traffic fatalities went up across the nation. Experts suggest that this was due a dramatic increase in risky behaviors, such as distracted or impaired driving, speeding and driving without a seatbelt. In fact, fatalities surged when factoring

What to know about car accident settlement offers

A motor vehicle accident can be an overwhelming ordeal. When a Tennessee resident is harmed in a crash with another car, truck, or commercial vehicle, it can leave them with physical pain and financial worries. They may not know how they will work while recuperating from their injuries, and they may be scared to see

Drivers and pedestrians must work together to stay safe

Throughout Tennessee, individuals choose to walk to their destinations rather than driving. This is largely due to the pleasant weather, beautiful scenery and a desire to explore a healthy option. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries that could last a lifetime. In these situations, safety does not rest solely on one group’s shoulders.

The surprising impact of rear-end collisions

Like many motorists, you may understand the dangers of head-on collisions, T-bone collisions and rollovers. Yet, if another driver rear-ended you, you may downplay the accident’s impact, especially if you walked away from the scene without a scratch. But injuries caused by rear-end collisions often take time to appear. Once they do, they can be

Self-driving cars likely to fail in avoiding most accidents

Drivers in Tennessee and across the U.S. are looking forward to a future where self-driving cars have totally eliminated all accidents. Yet the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that these cars, so long as they do not put safety above speed and comfort, will fail to prevent even the majority of crashes involving

More old cars means more defect-related crashes

Tennessee residents who drive an older vehicle may be at a higher risk for a preventable car crash. At least, this is the case in Ohio. According to the Ohio Highway Patrol, 56% of car crashes in the past three years that involved defective equipment were caused by vehicles made between 1999 and 2008. Model

Car accidents can happen almost anywhere

In 2018, 36,560 people were killed in car accidents that took place in Tennessee and throughout America. However, a person’s chances of being involved in a serious car accident depends largely on where and when he or she happens to be driving. For instance, fatal crashes are most likely to happen in rural areas or

What causes head-on collisions?

Any car crash is a frightening experience. Few types of car accidents are more terrifying than head-on collisions. These accidents can result in serious injuries and sometimes have tragic results. On June 18, a Tennessee police officer was killed in a two-vehicle collision in Brentwood. The incident occurred just before 5 a.m. on Franklin Road.

More fatal crashes occur in week after switch to DST

Car accidents arise every day in Tennessee, many of them fatal. A new study has shown, however, that even more fatal crashes occur in the week after the spring switch to daylight saving time. The study, published in Current Biology, shows how the loss of one hour of sleep increases the number of fatal crashes

Study finds later school start times reduce teen crashes

Car accidents involving teen drivers could be reduced in Tennessee and elsewhere by implementing later school start times, according to a new study. The study was recently published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. To reach their conclusions, researchers analyzed crash data involving teen drivers in Fairfax County, Virginia, over two separate school years.

AASM survey shows how prominent drowsy driving is

Tennessee residents have no doubt driven once or twice in a drowsy condition. There are cases, though, of drivers being so drowsy that they have trouble keeping their eyes open. In a survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 45% of the 2,003 respondents claimed that this has happened to them. Drowsy driving is

Opioids increasingly prevalent in fatal crashes

A study published in JAMA Network Open indicates that opioid use is a factor in many fatal two-vehicle accidents. Drivers in Tennessee should be aware of the risks posed by others on the road, as increased awareness can improve safety. According to the study, drivers who caused accidents in which one or more people were