3 common myths about car accident attorneys

Fatal car accidents are rare in Tennessee, and when they occur, they are tragic. One unfortunate example of this occurred near the state line of Tennessee and Mississippi on September 10th where one person died. A majority of collisions merely result in vehicle damage and minor injuries. Even in these cases, you will need to hire an

Determining negligence in a trucking accident

The most important factor in many motor vehicle accident claims relates to the negligence of another party and whether that negligence proximately caused injury and damages to another party. A commercial truck accident case is not any different, although different rules and regulations apply to truck drivers and the companies that employ them. There are

Knox County law enforcement step up patrol of school zones

Law enforcement agencies across Knox County have recently increased their patrol of school zones in an effort to keep children safer who are commuting to and from school. A spokesperson for the Knox County Sheriff’s Office noted that their efforts are particularly aimed at curbing distracted and reckless driving in these highly trafficked areas. Troopers

How to teach your children to avoid a dog attack

Because of their little bodies, delicate skin and lack of understanding about dogs, children are the most at risk of getting seriously hurt in a dog attack. For a small child, even a tiny dog could cause devastating injuries, so it’s important that parents teach their children how to stay safe around dogs as soon




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