Railroad Retirement Board Disability

In addition to SSD claims, our office handles Railroad Retirement Board claims.  Injured or disabled employees of a railroad can apply to the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) for disability. The RRB administers the program and some of the benefits and procedures mirror the Social Security Administration’s disability program and benefits. For railroad employees there are

Proving Limitations in a Social Security Disability Claim

In Social Security Disability and SSI claims, the main focus almost always is proving the Claimant’s residual functional capacity (RFC) is such that he or she qualifies for disability under the Social Security Administration’s regulations.  Last week, I discussed showing limitations through lay testimony and this week the focus will be on proving a claimant’s RFC

Legislation regulating dog bites and resulting injuries

Dogs are known as man’s best friend and provide companionship to many. Unfortunately, dog bites also occur quite frequently. The state of Tennessee has specific laws dealing with the responsibilities of owners of dogs, as well as the rights of victims suffering injuries resulting from a dog attack. According to Tennessee law, a person is considered

Social Security Disability Hearings and Lay Testimony

In my Social Security Disability and SSI claims, the question often comes up whether it is a good idea to have witnesses other than the claimant testify at the hearing.  This is also known as “lay testimony.”  Most ALJs frown on bringing a load of lay witnesses if the testimony will be duplicative. However, sometimes

Update on Social Security Disability Hearing Stats

As noted in the past, Social Security Disability and SSI claimants continue to see a worsening trend in terms of hearing office processing or wait times and percentage of claims being approved at the hearing level. This trend has steadily continued over the last few years and has worsened since just July of 2014. The




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