Top mistakes to avoid after a car accident

Injuries from a car accident can have serious ramifications that can continue to affect you for a long time to come. As the costs of accidents continue to grow, filing a lawsuit can be an effective way to get compensation to cover medical bills, make up for the earnings you lose and help you afford the

Why don’t all drivers use their blinkers?

It seems so easy: Before you turn your car, reach down and turn on your blinker. Let other drivers know what you intend to do. Make it clear so that you can all avoid an accident due to miscommunication. And yet, many drivers fail to do it. How many times have you watched someone cut

Signs that a dog may have rabies

Rabies can be transmitted from dogs to humans. Even those who do not contract the disease could be seriously injured in an attack. It is very important to make an early diagnosis. Those who get bitten need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. To help, here are a few common signs that a




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