1 of Tennessee’s terrible car accidents claims 4-year-old

Recently, rescue workers in Tennessee had to respond to a massive accident involving ten vehicles, which tragically resulted in the death of a young boy. A bystander, whose nephew and sister were injured in the accident, later described a chaotic scene with damaged cars all over the street. According to her, the rear end of

OHSA citations protects workers against workplace injury

During the middle of April this year, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration cited a company after an inspection. The safety inspection was done after two incidents in which two workers each suffered a workplace injury. OSHA fined the company, alleging that it has repeatedly violated safety requirements. The role of OSHA is to act

Tony Farmer Works on Workers’ Compensation Bill

The administration bill dealing with workers’ compensation was amended and passed last night to add an escape clause back into the bill. This is due to the negotiations and hard work of Tony Farmer and others. AMENDMENT #2 revises the provision of Workers’ Compensation Law, described in (7) of the Bill Summary, that authorizes an injured

New Process for Veteran Social Security Disability Claims

There is some good news for disabled veterans going through the Social Security Disability or SSI process! Effective March 17, 2014, the Social Security Administration (SSA) began expediting disability claims for veterans receiving VA service-connected disability and who have a rating of 100% “Permanent and Total” disability form the Department of Veterans Affairs. The SSA

Tennessee campaign attempts to decrease fatal car accidents

Road safety officials in Tennessee have made it their goal to try to contain the number of fatal car accidents caused by distracted drivers by creating an awareness of the dangers of distractions while driving. In Tennessee, hundreds of car accidents are caused yearly by drivers, who are distracted, particularly by mobile phones. It is




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