3 common myths about car accident attorneys

Fatal car accidents are rare in Tennessee, and when they occur, they are tragic. One unfortunate example of this occurred near the state line of Tennessee and Mississippi on September 10th where one person died.

majority of collisions merely result in vehicle damage and minor injuries. Even in these cases, you will need to hire an attorney to help you navigate the claims process. Many people are on the fence about hiring a lawyer due to a litany of myths that persist, and that is why you need to separate fiction from the truth. 

1. It is too expensive

You will need to spend some money on an attorney to assist you, but in many cases, it is an investment worth making. If you sustained even minimal injuries from the crash, then you could still have expensive medical bills. You also need to consider the money you lose if you need to take a significant amount of time off work. When accounting for all this, hiring an attorney to help you recover damages can be a major asset. 

2. It is too late to hire a lawyer

Many people do not realize that they should have contacted an attorney well after the crash took place. Luckily, Tennessee has a statute of limitations on car accident cases that goes up to one year from the date the collision occurred. That means that if you discover you sustained serious injuries months after the crash, you can still hire an attorney to represent you to try to acquire compensation.

3. Any attorney will be good

Plenty of law firms say they handle car accident cases. However, when looking for a lawyer to help you, it is wise to see if the practice specializes in car accidents or if it is simply something they handle on the side. You want an attorney who understands (in detail) laws in Tennessee related to car accidents, so you need to find a lawyer who has successfully handled auto accident cases for many years. 




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