5 ways that truckers can deal with fatigue

Truckers in Tennessee hardly need to be told that stress, lack of sleep and exercise, heavy lifting and long hours are all a part of their line of work. But the fatigue that results from it all can put their life in danger. A study from the University of Utah School of Medicine shows that truck drivers who are fatigued and have a high pulse pressure are more likely to be in an accident. There are some effective ways for dealing with fatigue.

First, truckers should look at their sleep schedule and try to ensure six to eight hours of sleep a day. If they cannot achieve that amount in one stretch, truckers should try sleeping at different intervals and determine one that suits them. A second way is to improve one’s diet. Junk food only provides a momentary “sugar rush” and does nothing to replenish the body. Third, truckers should limit their consumption of coffee and alcohol.

On the other hand, they must stay hydrated. If they don’t, they will experience not only drowsiness but also headaches and muscle cramps. They should see if anything in their environment is contributing to fatigue. It can be caused, for example, by the constant bouncing and jarring they experience in the truck itself.

If truckers do not take precautionary measures and wind up causing an 18-wheeler crash because of fatigue, their employer may find itself facing a lawsuit from occupants of other vehicles who have been injured. People who have been the victims of such an accident might want to have legal assistance when seeking compensation for their losses.




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