8 fatal car accidents — why have traffic authorities not acted?

A fatal accident on Interstate 440 on Aug. 19 has some asking questions about the lack of action by Tennessee traffic authorities because this incident is apparently one of many over the past four years. According to a recent report, the individual who recently lost his life is said to be the eighth victim killed on this stretch of road. The family members of at least one of the eight victims wants to know why the relevant authorities have not placed barriers on this dangerous section of the interstate to help prevent further car accidents.

The most recent incident occurred when the driver of an SUV collided head-on with the victim’s van. It is believed that the victim — a 49-year-old man — died at the scene, and his six passengers — all children — suffered unspecified injuries. As of the latest report, the driver deemed responsible for the wreck has not been charged for the incident.

Over the years, three other victims were killed in similar head-on collisions where one driver crossed over the median. The sister of one the previous victims reportedly stated that her family has requested traffic authorities to place either guard rails or cable rails in the median to avoid accidents such as these. In a statement made by a spokesperson for the Tennessee traffic department, the department confirms that road safety is a priority for them, but the department faces certain challenges. The department is making efforts to find the most suitable safety solution and then implement the necessary changes. However, the family of one of the deceased victims feels that changes should be made immediately.

In this most recent case, legal actions may be taken against the driver believed responsible in an effort to seek compensation for any damages sustained. Should investigations into the car accidents along this particular part of the road prove negligence on the side of traffic authorities as well, civil claims may also be filed against the relevant department. Although a successfully litigated claim cannot change what happened, it may lead to greater awareness and action being taken. At the same time, financial damages awarded to the injured victims and surviving family members of the deceased may help ease any economic suffering during a time when they are already struggling to come to terms with the tragedy.

Source: wkrn.com, “8 fatal crashes on I-440 in last 4 years”, Joseph Pleasant, Aug. 20, 2015




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