A Tennessee police officer injured while directing traffic

Traffic laws exist to help protect motorists across the state. When people fail to follow the law, accidents can occur. Car accidents are very scary and can be life-threatening. As a victim of a car accident, you may face injuries that could severely affect your life or the life of a loved one.

Unfortunately, injuries happen every day. For example, a local Tennessee police officer was struck by a car last Saturday morning on Murfreesboro Pike. The victim of the accident was directing traffic around the scene when he was hit by a driver who claimed he was suffering from a medical condition. While the victim’s injuries were determined to be critical after accident, the police officer is currently in stable condition.

Tennessee motorists are required by law to switch lanes and allow additional space for emergency vehicles parked on the shoulder of a road. If a driver is unable to switch lanes, he or she must slow down. Officers that commented on the recent Nashville accident noted that all other traffic had moved to the right lane of the road; however, the car that had struck the victim did not obey this law.

Fortunately, the police officer is doing OK. Sources say that he was joking around and will most likely return home from the hospital within a week. According to the victim’s family, “He’s still got a long road ahead of him, but all the support he’s getting makes it a lot easier.”

Hopefully, drivers throughout Tennessee will do their best to follow traffic laws. It could go a long way toward preventing serious accidents like this one.

Source: The Tennessean: “Nashville officer hit by car may be home soon,” Andy Humbles, Jan. 10, 2012




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