Accident on I-75 in Tennessee causes personal injury to 3

Any car accident can be devastating, but accidents involving multiple vehicles can be even more so due to the number of vehicles and individuals who may be affected. One recent accident on Interstate 75 in Tennessee is an unfortunate example of just how injurious such accidents can be. According to reports, at least three individuals have suffered personal injury in this accident.

Authorities report that both northbound travel lanes of I-75 had to be shut down to allow LIFESTAR medical transport helicopters to land. Two unidentified individuals were transported to the hospital via helicopter. A third unidentified individual was taken to the hospital by ground ambulance. In reports immediately following the accident, the conditions of the victims was not released.

Authorities worked to reopen the travel lanes, but it took time as wreckers and cleanup crews worked to clear the scene. It is unknown exactly how many vehicles were involved. Authorities have also not provided any information on why they believe that the accident occurred.

Any ongoing investigation may provide crucial information for those affected by this accident. Under Tennessee’s personal injury laws, if any party is negligent leading to an accident and injuries, then that party may be held accountable in civil court. Through these civil claims, the victim of an accident caused by negligence may seek compensation for their injuries and financial expenses connected to the accident. Compensation provided under successfully litigated claims can be vital in helping victims move beyond their pain and work to secure a more stable future.

Source:, “Multiple vehicle accident on I-75 northbound in Campbell County,” Kevin Connelly, April 7, 2013




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