Alleged speeding driver cause 6-vehicle accident

At about 2:50 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 15, Metro Police in Tennessee were summoned to a six-vehicle crash on Interstate 24. They believe the multi-car accident may have been caused by one speeding vehicle. All westbound lanes were closed until Friday evening.

Although the fatal accident is still under investigation, the initial indications are that a speeding westbound sedan came across slow traffic. Because of the alleged speeding, the driver was unable to avoid smashing into the rear of another car. A SUV then crashed into the sedan from behind and this caused the sedan to spin into another lane where a pickup truck collided with it. Thereafter a Freightliner truck smashed into the back of the sedan.

A female passenger who was in the back seat of the sedan was killed in the accident. The driver of the sedan and one more passenger were treated for injuries sustained in the accident. No other injuries were reported among the drivers or passengers of the six vehicles that were damaged in the collisions.While clearing up operations and an investigation were underway, all westbound lanes of I-24 were closed for almost four hours. Due to rubbernecking, traffic in the eastbound lanes was also severely delayed.

In an accident like this one involving a fatality, injuries and multiple vehicles being damaged, all victims retain the right to file wrongful death, personal injury or property damage charges in a Tennessee court. Successfully litigated claims could help with medical bills and funeral costs, among other items. In circumstances where the law determines that an act of negligence due to speeding was committed, the court may also consider the imposition of punitive damages in addition to any compensatory damages awarded.

Source:, 1 killed in six-vehicle crash on I-24 westbound in Antioch, Kevin Young, Nov. 15, 2013




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