At least 22 sustain personal injury in Tennessee bus crash

There are a number of factors that can contribute to accidents on Tennessee roadways. While the most common may include the actions of other drivers, it is not always a driver that is to blame for something going wrong, causing a personal injury. For example, when an individual or company is negligent in performing routine maintenance and safety inspections on their cars, trucks or vans, lives may be at stake.

A recent bus accident in southeast Tennessee highlights just how important routine maintenance is, especially when it comes to buses or large occupancy vehicles. According to reports, a bus carrying students from an out-of-state college sustained a brake malfunction which caused the bus to leave the roadway and become airborne before crashing. Out of the 40 individuals on board the bus, 22 reportedly sustained injuries.

Preliminary reports following the accident state that the injuries sustained appear to be non-life threatening. The exact severity and nature of these injuries was not disclosed. The occupants of the bus were students from Kentucky Wesleyan College. Authorities have not released any additional information about the details of the accident or malfunctioning brake system.

Unfortunately, it only takes one person’s negligence to lead to the injuries of many people. In accidents like this one, authorities will likely work to determine exactly what malfunctioned, and whether it could have been prevented with routine maintenance. As these conclusions are made, the victims and their families may begin to investigate their rights under Tennessee’s personal injury laws. Personal injury laws typically allow the victims of accidents caused by someone else negligence to seek compensation for their injuries, expenses and losses. Successfully litigated claims can provide financial assistance to the victims and their families which may be vital in making a complete recovery.

Source:, “Kentucky Wesleyan Students Injured In Tennessee Bus Crash,” March 11, 2013




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