Be careful near trucks in Tennessee — especially at these hours

When you’re headed to work on Tuesdays, you need to be especially careful around trucks this time of year. It seems a number of truck drivers might suffer from a Monday Night Football hangover (that’s probably doubly true if our Tennessee Titans played.)

A study by a company that analyzes a truck driver’s in-cab behavior said that drowsy driving and driver mistakes happen more often on Tuesdays. A researcher said the instances of drowsy driving are noticeably higher on Tuesday mornings, and he theorized Monday Night Football was the culprit for that.

The Tuesday trend, he said, is higher in football season and especially on the East Coast, where games have been known to end well after 11 p.m. and often close to midnight.

The company noted that on Thursdays, more traffic violations, such as running a red light, occur. Fridays are the time for things such as distracted driving and cell phone use, according to the research. That day is the peak for risky behaviors.

What about Wednesdays? The highest concentration of accidents occurs Wednesdays from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. The overnight time from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. is known for having the most collisions, no matter what the day of the week.

The company’s research also went so far as to figure out the nation’s riskiest half-mile stretches of road when it comes to high truck volume and sections of highway interchanges. The top three are in Pennsylvania, with two in Tennessee — Interstate 40 in Dandridge near and Interstate 24 in Chattanooga near Belvoir Avenue — rounding out the top five.

Crashes with trucks can happen any day of the week, at any time of day and on any stretch of road. If you are suffer injuries in a collision with a truck in Tennessee, an attorney with experience in personal injury cases can help you recoup your medical expenses and other losses.




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