Car accidents can happen almost anywhere

In 2018, 36,560 people were killed in car accidents that took place in Tennessee and throughout America. However, a person’s chances of being involved in a serious car accident depends largely on where and when he or she happens to be driving. For instance, fatal crashes are most likely to happen in rural areas or while stopped at a traffic light. They are also more likely to occur when backing out of a parking garage or while trying to get through an intersection.

Driving a short distance to work or school can also pose a danger. This is because motorists tend may pay less attention to where they are going while traveling along a familiar route. Individuals may have a greater chance of getting into accidents during the late afternoon and early evening hours as this is when large numbers of people are coming home from work.

The summer months tend to have a higher accident rate because there are more people traveling when the weather is warm. While there is no way to predict when a car accident might occur, drivers can take steps to reduce their risk of being involved in a crash. Ideally, drivers will focus on the road and avoid looking at their phones whenever possible. Individuals may also be able to reduce their accident risk by keeping their car in good mechanical condition.

A person who is involved in an accident may incur medical bills and other costs. If the driver who caused the crash was negligent in doing so, he or she may be liable for paying those costs. A personal injury attorney may use videos, photos or witness statements to show that another motorist ran a red light or was otherwise careless in the moments prior to the collision.




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