Car accidents due to dangerous roadways: a possible claim?

While driver error or negligence is often thought to be the cause of vehicle accidents, people seldom consider that the accident may have been caused by a dangerous roadway. Roadways can be dangerous because of a flaw in the design or they can become dangerous when the responsible agencies in Tennessee do not perform the required maintenance. Sometimes car accidents can be a result of both driver negligence and dangerous road conditions.

Roadways can be dangerous when the correct warning signs are not in place or when the design of an intersection is flawed. Proving liability may be tricky as three aspects must be proven: First, the agency that designed the roadway was made aware of the flaw in the design. Second, the agency was made aware of any dangerous conditions, and third, the agency did not act to rectify the problems.

Victims of an accident, or their families, may not be aware that they may have a claim against the relevant road agency as well as a negligent driver. Seriously injured victims of car accidents may choose to file a personal injury claim, and the families of deceased victims of accidents have the option to file a wrongful death claim. Although cases involving potentially dangerous roadways can be more difficult to handle for attorneys, they should not be avoided.

Our Tennessee firm has offered advice and successfully litigated cases involving car accidents caused by dangerous road conditions. The experience we have gained in the litigation of these cases may benefit you. We will take the time to explain the intricacies involved in these civil claims. For more information, please visit our dangerous roadway page.




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